I saw this as an anonymous post on slashdot. It outlines the reasons why a non-American might hate America, and it outlines them rather well.

“10 reasons why the US are is hated

1. The US has started (and “encouraged”) more wars and murdered more humans in a 50 year period than anyone else before in recorded history.

2.The world constantly watches images of starving children whilst in the US people are dying of over eating.

3. The US boasts that it has spent billions on being able to bomb anyone, anywhere on the planet. Meanwhile starvation, and premature death continue to affect millions of people worldwide whose only crime was being born where they were.

4. The US makes virtuous speeches about fairness, liberty and justice then continues to enact policies designed to keep a third of the world in a state of constant starvation. For example, The US purposely
stopped the supply of cheap non-brand Aids drugs to Africa just to placate the drugs industry. As a result millions will die who could have been saved.

5. The continual support by the US of regimes that oppress their people so that other US parties can gain an economic foothold.

6 The American belief that profit is all. People don’t count.

7. American hypocrisy. ( I feel most of us in this NG could write a book on this one but I’ll keep it short)
Virtue, honesty, truth. None of these mean anything when US economic advantage is at stake. We have watched the US invade and murder thousands all in the name of “regime change” or “protecting US
economic interests” in various countries. If they haven’t been there pulling the triggers you can be sure they paid for one sides (or both) weapons.

There isn’t a continent on this planet that the US aren’t killing people directly or indirectly. Even their own yet the US tells the rest of the world that they cannot have weapons that kill indiscriminately. ( the US has once again refused to stop using cluster bombs and uranium tipped shells) and is the only country to have used nuclear weapons and poison gases to kill thousands of people.

8. The continual military support of Israel and it’s attempted genocide of the Palestinian people. Once again, humans die to protect US economic advantage.

9 The insane belief that most Americans in this NG espouse that we (the rest of the world) are jealous. That somehow we are not affected by the murder and slaughter committed by US troops all over the globe. That somehow, other humans , i.e us, should not criticise the US govt for the same reasons Americans don’t. WRONG. We are not blinded by your flag If anything the US has taught us a lot about the dangers of blind loyalty backed only by a flag. Your govt kills innocents then hides behind the flag and you idiots buy it all.

10. The worst criminals in all this are the US electorate because they are the only ones who can stop this slaughter but they refuse to acknowledge their govt has done any wrong. Even with 90% of the world screaming for the US to stop killing , the electorate do nothing. You just sit there, hiding behind the flag or using any excuse your govt has given you to justify the continual slaughter of innocents.

So don’t ask me why America is so hated. I find it more interesting to know how the world will respond eventually to a country that is nothing but evil. And respond we will.”

Again, *I* didn’t write this. I found it and reposted it.