November 2006

Today’s links include:

  1. JORNAL: Another shitty contractor. I would strongly recommend people avoid doing business with KHD Design Build / KHD flooring.
  2. Russian President Vladamir Putin “jokes” in priase of a rapist.
  3. An article posted in Russia prior to 9/11 warning everyone of an impending attack, telling everyone to convert their dollars to rubles.
  4. A graph of U.S. National Debt vs National Income, per president.
  5. A music visualizer that lets you select speed, mood, and spits out songs of that speed and mood, in a graph, with links to songs with similar qualities.
  6. 1 line of code to allow comments on any webpage


I cause children to be molested.This seems like an interesting documentary to download. Get it HERE. Here is the summary:

Created in 1962, a now infamous document was issued insecret to bishops. Called Crimen Sollicitationis, it outlined procedures to befollowed by bishops when dealing with allegations of child abuse, homosexuality and bestiality by members of the clergy. It swore all parties involved to secrecy on pain of excommunication from the Catholic Church. This document was reissued in 2001 by Cardinal JosephRatzinger and sent to all bishops. Yet rather than ordering more openness and cooperation with the authorities as demanded by both law enforcers and the victims, he reiterated its policies and ensured that the Code of Silence be applied to all cases of child abuse involving a priest. Cardinal Ratzinger also instructed that all cases should now be referred to his office directly and that he would maintain ‘exclusive competence’ over the handling of allegations. [read on for more] (more…)

Today we have an interesting case today where Barney’s lawyers had to pay $5,000 to a Barney parody webmaster, the RIAA is calling a defendant’s neighbor’s son’s employer to try to sue him, Carolyn’s Christmas Wishlist, and the fact that I might not be a good candidate for modafinil. Read on for the links. (more…)

The links today are not quite as interesting as usual.  We have an interesting case about people who were sued by McDonalds, the fact that corporations are paying local news to air corporate propaganda while pretending it is news (and the FTC is investigating), a database of phone-menu codes that allow you to get to a human being when calling various companies, and information on making a home theatre projection screen for the fraction of the cost of a brand new one.


Just found out that my employer plans to replace (internally) me & my co-worker with new hires, allowing us to return to the home office and work on a new, differenet project.  This is good.  Old commute was 8.5mi, but that is gone.  Current commute is 26.3mi or so, which is way too far, and way too much gas.  New commute will be closer to ~13mi or so.  It will be nice to be back at “headquarters” again, where I actually have my own office. . .

zombie_kitty.jpgWe watched an episode of The Batman last night where a villian basically turned the city into zombies for awhile (including Robin & Bat-Girl).

Anyway, I had a dream involving zombies, and near the end of it we were somehow sealing ourselves into the spiral stairs (which makes no sense), but our cat Misfit managed to get into the sealed area of the stairs. I had to use my Zombie poison (basically a can of Raid) to spray him. After I sprayed him enough I said, “Well, he’ll die in a few hours,” and went back to the spiral stairs.

Very weird.


There are a several good things about the election that just happened. I thought I’d go over a few of them.

  1. Sending a new “mandate” to Bush: The populace does not approve of the way you do things, nor does the rest of the world. You have more enemies than Al Queda and are responsible for more innocent lives lost than Bin Laden. Good bye.
  2. The first female Speaker Of The House (Nancy Pelosi).
  3. The 2nd black governor ever (after VA’s Doug Wilder).
  4. Congresses first Muslim: Keith Ellison.
  5. Minnesota’s first black Congressman: Also Keith Ellison.
  6. A Hawaii woman won election to the state Board of Education and, according to national advocacy groups, a place in history as the nation’s highest-ranking transgender elected official.

Looks like the american populace became 0.00000001% more open-minded this election. We’ve got a ways to go before we are as open-minded as other western nations.

It’s the second taser attack by California police in a week that’s been caught on tape. They tasered a student repeatedly for not showing his ID. Note that unless it is a taffic stop, in most states the police cannot legally demand ID. They taser him after he’s handcuffed. In the last 30 seconds, they even threaten to taser a student who is nearby complaining of the treatment! Regardless of what the individual said or done, electrocuting someone who is on the floor and not posing a threat to the safety of the officers and threatening to electrocute other innocent individuals is totally unjustified and an abuse of power.

MSNBC article HERE. article HERE.

Be sure to call them and tell them what you think of the way they are handilng affairs: UCLA Police – (310) 825-1491, Chief Karl T. Ross – (310) 825-1633, Capt John Adams – (310) 825-4406. They need to hear that Americans wont stand up for this kind of shit.


  • Michael Vail brings us another excellent article about the sad shape of the American “Prison Planet”. This is an excellent read, that connects the dots between many separately-written articles. America is becoming very scary. (more…)

Slashdot discussion HERE. (Read on for a quick blurb.) (more…)

I mean, it was a surprise. John The Canadien was planning on coming over, and I expected Kipp and perhaps Mark. We were there to potentially celebrate Tabbitha’s birthday. I didn’t expect Jesse & Melanie to come over, or Bunnelanie (Melanie B). Then Glen C called, and pretended to be Jesse, and severely messed with my head to the point that I felt threatened. He’d never come over before, and brought his friend Jess, and they both chilled at our place for awhile, and it had been quite awhile since we’d given a “house tour”. Tabbitha and Laszlo came over once they were done with their movie (but not before Glen & Jess had left). Mark, Jesse, & Melanie left shortly thereafter. We had 10 people at once, 12 total.

We played a few games of Werewolf, among other things. The 10-player games were definitely a lot more interesting than a minimum 8-player game. It was a bit strange springing the game on Glen & Jess who not only had never played, but had never been to our place or met any of our friends.

Carolyn got REALLY DRUNK and somehow decided that we had to talk about and listen to Sabbat’s 3rd album, which I have labelled as “crap” on the local harddrive. I sold the CD to her, I think, because it sucked so much. John The Canadien felt compelled to blog about this, and his headline is hilarious:

Local Man Disapproves As Wife Plays Shitty Sabbat Album

We finished the evening up with 5 episodes of Metalocalypse. A few people slept over, and Kipp & I played a 2-player game of Culdcept (Carolyn was still hung over) the next afternoon. Then we proceeded to the Saturday stage of Tabbitha’s birthday festivities, which included Eli & Evan & Kristin S coming over, and lots of Guitar Hero 2 by Laszlo. And I mean lots. They even unlocked the Metalocalypse (Dethklok) song that is in Guitar Hero 2!

Associated Press article HERE. Yes, we knew in advance the Iraq plan wouldn’t work. And we went in anyway. We have Rumsfeld and Bush to thank for that.

the Desert Crossing war game in 1999 suggests we would have ended up with a failed state even with 400,000 troops on the ground.

We sent in 160,000 troops. Our studies indicated they would fail. But the war served to allow the government to expand its powers domestically, and its influence internatinoally.

Our armed forces have killed more innocent civilians than Al Queda. By objective standards, we are the more evil one because we have caused more harm. Intent means very little to dead bodies.

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