Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

I cause children to be molested.This seems like an interesting documentary to download. Get it HERE. Here is the summary:

Created in 1962, a now infamous document was issued insecret to bishops. Called Crimen Sollicitationis, it outlined procedures to befollowed by bishops when dealing with allegations of child abuse, homosexuality and bestiality by members of the clergy. It swore all parties involved to secrecy on pain of excommunication from the Catholic Church. This document was reissued in 2001 by Cardinal JosephRatzinger and sent to all bishops. Yet rather than ordering more openness and cooperation with the authorities as demanded by both law enforcers and the victims, he reiterated its policies and ensured that the Code of Silence be applied to all cases of child abuse involving a priest. Cardinal Ratzinger also instructed that all cases should now be referred to his office directly and that he would maintain ‘exclusive competence’ over the handling of allegations. [read on for more] (more…)

Today we have an interesting case today where Barney’s lawyers had to pay $5,000 to a Barney parody webmaster, the RIAA is calling a defendant’s neighbor’s son’s employer to try to sue him, Carolyn’s Christmas Wishlist, and the fact that I might not be a good candidate for modafinil. Read on for the links. (more…)