I cause children to be molested.This seems like an interesting documentary to download. Get it HERE. Here is the summary:

Created in 1962, a now infamous document was issued insecret to bishops. Called Crimen Sollicitationis, it outlined procedures to befollowed by bishops when dealing with allegations of child abuse, homosexuality and bestiality by members of the clergy. It swore all parties involved to secrecy on pain of excommunication from the Catholic Church. This document was reissued in 2001 by Cardinal JosephRatzinger and sent to all bishops. Yet rather than ordering more openness and cooperation with the authorities as demanded by both law enforcers and the victims, he reiterated its policies and ensured that the Code of Silence be applied to all cases of child abuse involving a priest. Cardinal Ratzinger also instructed that all cases should now be referred to his office directly and that he would maintain ‘exclusive competence’ over the handling of allegations. [read on for more]

This is the Catholic Church’s policy to this day and Cardinal Ratzinger is nowPope Benedict XVI. The policy laid out in the above document has led to systemic failure by the result that a significant number of priest have, ineffect, been allowed to abuse again, and further children have been put at risk. As the documentary explores, Colm O’Gorman is the man responsible for breaking open decades of abuse by Catholic Priests in Irelandin the BAFTA award-winning BBC special Suing the Pope. He links international ‘systemic evidence’ to argue the Vatican has a policy to cover up the sexualabuse of thousands of children across the world. In Sex Crimes and the Vatican O’Gorman explores four separate cases internationally of widespread clerical abuse, putting the Roman Catholic Church on trial for the reckless endangerment of children. O’Gorman raises the question, ‘Is the Church in default of its obligation as a signatoryto the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child?’ Sex Crimes and the Vatican is produced by Sarah Macdonaldfor the BBC.