December 2006

Saddam Hussein execution video, an audio-only discussion board (neat idea!!), more voting fraud, a review of ergonomic chairs, and a video encoding service. (more…)

Your results:
You are Green Lantern.  (Carolyn=Supergirl.) (more…)

delme-haydee.jpgEvery year, Carolyn & I post a list of what we watched. This year, I am breaking it into sections. Read on to see what TV SHOWS we watched in 2006. (Most of these were skimmed; few were watched in their entiretly.) This is a time consuming post to read, but I’d like people to comment on them if possible and willing.

The anime chick on the right is Haydee, a character in Gankutsuo, an anime adaptation of The Count Of Monte Cristo. It was the most artistically animated show we watched all year. It was also, uncoincidentally, the only anime we watched this year. Read on for the full list of shows, and more Gankutsuo pictures.

*** AWARDS ***
BEST SITCOM: The Office, Arrested Development
BEST TOON, COMEDY: South Park, Drawn Together, Metalocalypse
BEST TOON, DRAMATIC: Gankutsuo – The Count Of Monte Cristo
BEST TOON, SUPERHERO: Justice League Unlimited
BEST TOON, NEW: Metalocalypse
MOST EPISODES WATCHED OF ANY SINGLE SHOW: Frasier. All 265. That’s a lifetime record.


So, I came home from work yesterday… COPS EVERYWHERE!! Cop in front of my house, (more…)

Some interesting links today. Ford says Bush fucked up, cops killed an unarmed man, Bush admin hides all kinds of info, an incredible astronomical size visualizer — great if you like to think about the vastness of space, and Bush & Saddam as college roommates! (more…)


Well, in the spirit of the holidays… here is an interesting anecdote from Christmas past, involving my since-deceased grandmother (Maria/Ronnie L), Caroyn, & and I.  All I will say before the ‘click more’ is: Lumpy egg-nog. . . (more…)

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