Here’s the email I sent to Dan Lopez of Virginia Design Builders, about our heat being broken. Sent it just now.


We regret to inform you that as of coming home from work, today, we have no heat.

The thermostat appears dead. The backlight to it is not on. No buttons turn it on, and resetting the breaker doesn’t help either.

Fortunately it’s not freezing today but obviously if the pipes burst that would be some damage, so we’d like to get this fixed under the warrantee.

Please advise. For all we know, there could be some “reset button” that we do not even know about that might be a simple fix.

-Clint & Carolyn

p.s. if the thermostat needs to be replaced or removed, this might be an opportunity to put in the nice programmable one that we originally had in.  We’d prefer working heat, of course :)

NOTE: The p.s. was actually a 2nd email. :)