Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Some interesting links today. Ford says Bush fucked up, cops killed an unarmed man, Bush admin hides all kinds of info, an incredible astronomical size visualizer — great if you like to think about the vastness of space, and Bush & Saddam as college roommates! (more…)


Well, in the spirit of the holidays… here is an interesting anecdote from Christmas past, involving my since-deceased grandmother (Maria/Ronnie L), Caroyn, & and I.  All I will say before the ‘click more’ is: Lumpy egg-nog. . . (more…)

Every year, Carolyn & I post a list of what we watched. This year, I am breaking it into sections. Read on to see what documentaries we watched in 2006. (Most of these were skimmed; few were watched in their entiretly.) This is a time consuming post to read, but I’d like people to c0mment on them if possible and willing.


delme-mp3.jpgSlashdot discussion (probably the best discission on the topic) is HERE.  Original article HERE.  Read on for quotes from the article, and links to famous musician’s personal pages where they bitch about the situation.  The record companies are not your friend — especially if you are a musician.

 Read on for more, including a funny web comic I found.