Every year, Carolyn & I post a list of what we watched. This year, I am breaking it into sections. Read on to see what documentaries we watched in 2006. (Most of these were skimmed; few were watched in their entiretly.) This is a time consuming post to read, but I’d like people to c0mment on them if possible and willing.

First off: 911 Documentaries.
We have skimmed and perused MANY 911 documentaries. In fact, one of the most popular posts out of my 900 is my list of 911 documentaries post. This year, we watched a few more, including but not limited to:

  • Alex Jones: 911 – The Road To Tyranny
  • September 11th Revisited
  • 911 – Kevin Cosgrove – 911 call (4m59s)
  • The Bush & Bin Laden Business Entanglements (The Fifth Estate) (CBC) – awesome show; they talk about how they think conspiracy theories are wasteful bullshit, but then go on to ask many of the same questions, and state many of the same interesting events, such as the meetin between Bush & a Bin Laden on the morning of 9/11, Saudi Arabia continuing to finance Bin Laden (as protection money) up to 9/11, phone records from hijackers to Saudi Arabia that the U.S. ignored, 2 hijackers’ U.S. entry visas renewed AFTER U.S. intelligence knowing their names, birthdays, passport numbers, that they were Al Queda, & at AQ meetings, unclassified names of Saudis suspected of financing terrorism classified *overnight* after congressman demanded the list of names to an official who said “I don’t have them with me”. They showed video of this from c-span.
  • The 9/11 Liars (47m) – watched 10min or so – about the evil fraudsters who tried to collect money for dead people who didn’t even exist
  • 911 Mysteries – 1_Demolitions (1h30m46s) – amazing. going into facts about demolition in detail I’ve never seen in any other doc. Eyewitness accounts of explosions in the sub-basement. Incredible explanations of motives (insurance, urban renewal) behind why they would want this. Great detail about the steel columns, how with demolition they cut columns in angles, with pictures of WTC columns cut in angles with melted metal at top (thermite). Very good doc!
  • 911 – Zembla Investigates 911 Theories – The 911 Conspiracy (subbed in dutch) (50m32s) – very interesting – it seems to debunk some 911 claims from Loose Change, such as the 270-degree turn, and the analysis of Pentagon debris, and the demolition theory.
  • 911 – What We Saw (26m26s) – amazing amateur video of the WTC collapses from a corner glass penthouse apartment, debris cloud from an entirely different angle, definitely interesting & amazing
  • CSPAN – 911 American Scholars Symposium (20060729) (1h45m35s) – first 45min entirety
  • 911 – The Secret History Of 911 (written,directed-Terence McKenna) (50m45s) – back history of Bin Laden, american intelligence bumbling
  • Loose Change – CNN coverage – Paula Zahn (2006) (3m52s)
  • Loose Change boys 2006 911 anniversary ameatuer coverage (kinda pointless)


  • Animal Icons – Garfield (Discovery Channel) (watched 25min out of 45min) – interesting stuff
  • Classic Albums – Nirvana – Nevermind
  • Classic Albums – Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon
  • Forbidden Fruit (A Clockwork Orange) – had some interesting stuff to say about the society effects of the movie in U.K., and about its subsequent ban. Many philosophical issues raised in A Clockwork Orange are still valid questions to be asked today
  • Heavy – The Story Of Metal – Episodes 1-4 [watched almost all of it] – this was intensely interesting
  • Married With Children – SPECIAL – E! True Hollywood Story (Behind The Scenes) (1h26m42s) (watched 85% — always lusted after Christina Applegate)
  • E! True Hollywood Story – Saved By The Bell – I think this was a result of what I would characterize as “morbid” curiosity


  • 99 Most Bizarre – 99 most bizarre survival stories. This was very interesting; I’m always interested in weird survival scenarios. For example, I think “Great White Concert” or “Get out of the twin towers in time” would be a great video game. Survival horror at its best (and scariest). This documentary was about REAL people who REALLY survived such crazy situations. One woman’s car went over a bridge and was trapped underwater for *18* hours before being discovered! I had no idea that was even possible.
  • Asperger Syndrome (Planet Parent) (TVOntario) (51m16s) – I like to think I have a 1% tinge of this, but am probably just being geek-trendy. Carolyn laughed a lot because everytime they said “Asperger”, she would hear “Ass-Burger”. So they talked about “people having ass-burgers” a lot. For more information, see asperger syndrome on wikipedia.
  • BodyShock – Born With Two Heads (cranius parasiticus) – disturbing, about the surgery, and the concious decision to cause the 2nd head to die in order to save the 1st — the 2nd head could smile and eat and laugh.
  • BodyShock – 80-Year-Old Children (progeria) – also disturbing, and depressing. Children that were already 80 years old internally, and looked like 4-foot midget 80-year-olds. A sad disease.
  • Dr. Money & The Boy With No Penis (49m19s) – disturbing shit. more reasons for not circumcizing, if you ask me. they accidentally burnt it off. ouch. The subject, who was interviewed in the documentary, actually killed himself before it aired. Raised as a girl, he had to decide to fight his assigned gender role to become a man. And he even managed to get married without a penis. The story of his life was very, very sad. For more anti-circumcision info, see http://www.sexuallymutilatedchild.org/ I urge all parents to NOT circumcise their children; it makes sex less pleasureful (but longer).
  • Hundred Orgasms (about persistent sexual arousal syndrome) – The very opposite of having no penis! These women have 100 orgasms a day. They can’t control it. It actually ruins their lives, makes them miserable, and makes it so they can’t really have social lives. I guess there *IS* a such thing as too much of a good thing.
  • I Shouldn’t Be Alive Helicopter Crash *Into* A Volcano – This was an amazing story. A helicopter crashed INTO a volcano. Three people had to survive over 24 hours inside an active volcano. One managed to scale the wall out. Another went back to use the radio and call for help; I think he died but succeeded in getting help. Another got stuck on the wall and needed rescue. I don’t quite remember all the details, but Carolyn & I watched this one in its entirety.
  • One Night In Bhopal – I wrote about this already: https://clintjcl.wordpress.com/2004/12/03/remember-bhopoal-india/
    This is an example of how capitalism and corpratism can be very bad for humanity. How many Indian lives were ruined so that us Americans can get cheaper products??
  • Private Parts – The Trouble With My Vagina – vaginal piercing, shaving, laser-ing, rejuvination surgeries, plus accidents involving all of the preceeding, bad things happening, pelvic floor exercizes. Wow. 45 minutes about vaginas! Awesome. This show kept us both fascinated throughout its entirety, and would never be airable in America.
  • Power & Control – LSD In The Sixties – part 2 of 4 (~40min)
  • The Real Silence Of The Lambs (36m33s) – about the REAL person that the Silence Of The Lambs was based on. Anyone who listens to Slayer knows the song Dead Skin Mask, which is also about the same person. He killed people, in real life, and wore their skins. Sick stuff.
  • The Family That Walks On All Fours – About a family that walked on all fours! They were all a bit retarded. They finally got a guy to walk near the end, and it was likened to seeing evolution in action. Strange, very strange. Only in India.
  • Vanishings – Die Another Day – Surviving The Andes Cannibals (about what the movie Alive was based on)
  • tsunami – The Wave That Shook The World (2005) (NOVA) (53m51s, watched ~25min or so)
  • Sex Slaves (Frontline) – The Sex Slave industry has got to be one of the evilest forces on the planet. We should send in teams of fucking assassins, attacking sovereign nations, to free these people. Fuck Al Queda, taking women and forcing them to be whores is a far greater threat to freedom than a couple skyscrapers falling. There are even an estimated 40,000 sex *slaves* *in american soil*. If people want slaves, they should be practicing consensual BDSM, not enslaving people by force.


  • Inside The Actors Studio – Teri Hatcher (20060918) (44m33s) – hot, talented, and over 40. Damn Teri is tasty.
  • Aileen Warnos: 2 documententaries (she was the killer in the movie ‘Monster‘) – It’s amazing how they got Charlize Theron to look soooooooo much like here! Sad story, really. I have great sympathy for Aileen to have to live a life that ended up with her being a cold-blooded killer. Another failing of society.
  • Funny Women – (29m5s) (about Prunella Scales, who played John Cleese’s wife in Fawlty Towers)
  • Hunter S. Thompson 20020829 interview [mp3] – R.I.P.!
  • The Simpsons: Matt Groening – My Wasted Life
  • Bob Newhart – A&E Biography (1h25m27s)
  • Bob Newhart – Conan O’Brien 2006 appearance — “What would God want with a dead dog?”
  • Bob Newhart – American Masters – Bob Newhart Unbuttoned (1h23m36s)
  • Steve Irwin – SPECIAL – He Changed Our World (Animal Planet Memorial Service) (1h7s) – watched about 25min of
  • Steve Irwin – Steve Irwin Remebered – Larry King Live (48m4s) (sorta listened to it while in the shower, L.K. interviewed Irwin’s wife)
  • Terry Gilliam – interview – 20060811 – HARDtalk Extra (23m29s)
  • David Lynch – interview – Scene By Scene (48m58s) – he does interviews rarely – and this was interesting. They had him watch and react to some of his own scenes and talk about The Straight Story and past movies, how ‘Bob’ from Twin Peaks came to be (which was basically – he saw a crewman, thought he looked evil enough to play the part, and hired him as an actor), and an explanation into what he means when he says that a certain scene is “the eye of the duck” scene.


  • Critter-Cam – they stick cameras on various animals to see what life is like from THEIR point of view [bear, whale, etc] – unique, at the very least
  • Hornets From Hell – I knew Japan was fucked up, but these hornets are worse than Mothra. They fucking kill people ever year in Japan! They’re insane. Killer bees are pussies by comparison.
  • If We Had No Moon –a big doomsday what-if but also very informative about just how crucial the moon really is
  • Discovery Science – The World’s First Time Machine (46m27s) – freakin’ awesome stuff!! – they explain how time travel is possible, along with some interesting “facts”: If you were driving a car at light speed, and another car was in front of you, and you shined a light at it, the light would still catch up to him at a relative light speed. So in a way, the light is almost going twice the speed of light. Of course, it isn’t, it’s all relative, and they have great visualizations that make what I just said for more understandable than reading this review.


  • BATF abuse documentary: Breaking The Law In The Name Of The Law – this is about some of the horrible abuses and deliberate lawbreaking that our own government commits in the name of the law. Much like cops shooting innocent people, lawful government forces operating in an unlawful way is an affront to their duty. A criminal has no duty, but these people do — and they are still criminals.
  • Orwell Rolls In His Grave – about media consolidation, this one declares that George Orwell, writer of 1984 (best political book ever), would be rolling in his grave. It does into deep length to illustrate how consolidated our media is, and how there are so many conflicts of interest that mainstream media is not as dependable as it once was.
  • C(Canada)TV News – On Assignment – Pot – Canadien perspective – about marijuana and Canada. They have different attitudes up there. Better attidues.
  • Crazy Rulers Of The World (BBC) – the US Govt employed psychics to predict post-911 terror attacks — and allegedly to do things like stopping a goat’s heart just by looking at it. I heard that Hitler played around with the Occult as well. I guess powerful entities are willing to try anything, if it helps them remain in power. Still, I think this might be a waste of our tax dollars.
  • Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land – about Israeli oppression of Palestinians, and the american media bias. Our tax dollars go to the ultimate tyranny. We give more aid to Israel than any other country; Israel spends more on military per capita than any other country as well. This is used to suppress the Palestinians. Isreal will do things like put up a gate around water sources, and force the P’s to have to go through the gate daily. They make them wait arbitrary times, and arbitratily tell them they can’t get water on some days. This is how the Palestinians have lived, many of them their whole lives.
  • The Porn King Versus The President (2004) (BBC) – John Ashcroft and George H.W. Bush are on a personal crusade against pornography. They personally go against publishers of legal porn, hassling them, trying to ruin their careers, trying to jail them (think: Larry Flynt) for what they have done. Didn’t we win the right to publish porn, well… Back in the Larry Flynt and Playboy days? What the fuck are our tax dollars going to?
  • Astronauts Gone Wild hilarious conspiracy film where the guy tries to get astronauts to swear — with their hand on a bible — that they went to the moon. Buzz Aldrin, and other heroes, all refused to. Buzz Aldrin actually punched the guy! It was great. The only astronaut who was willing to swear on the bible that he actually went into the moon — said he didn’t believe in the bible. Now, I’ve never believed that we didn’t go to the moon. But at the same time, I like to keep a mind open to possibilities. The fact that the Christian astronauts refused to swear on the bible seems to indicate that, at the very least, astronauts are not interested in prooving conspiracy theorists wrong. It also makes me think, “Well, maybe there is a 0.1% chance that we did not go to the moon, because these astronauts are so unwilling to swear to God about it.”
  • Tankman – Tiananmen Square Massacre – amazing documentary about The Tank Man, the Chinese guy who stood in front of the tanks at the Tiananmen Square incident. Before they killed 3,000+ Chinese citizens, this man was brave. This man stood in the face of actual fascism, with grocery bags in hand, as your Average Joe. The pictures only survived through an incredible twist of fate: The Chinese “Secret Service” types saw people taking pictures, and searched their hotel rooms. The photographer hid the film in the toilet. He came back to the room 3 weeks later, and the toilet had not been flushed, so he was able to retrieve his pictures. We might not have even known about Tank Man otherwise. Most Chinese Citizens still don’t. Go to http://www.google.cn and see how your search results are different than on the American Google. This is google helping China censor. Bad Google, Bad.
  • Secret Space – Illuminati Conquest Of Space (1h51m14s) – talk about going off the deep end… This conspiracy video was just plain insane. If there’s any inkling of truth to it at all, then we are in deeper shit than we think. According to this video, the government deals with UFOs on a daily basis and uses plasma-based weapons against them to keep them from invading. And somehow the Illuminati is involved. I skimmed a lot.
  • How The Media Lies To Manipulate Us – similar to George Orwell Rolls In His Grave, this is about media consolidation, corporate media, and how the American populace is basically conditioned to believe many lies
  • Codename Artichoke – The CIA’s Secret Experiments On Humans – Who killed Frank Olsen? It is a fact that the C.I.A. has performed human experiments, for example dosing their own agents with L.S.D. in the ~1960s. This goes into more detail about that.
  • The World According To Bush (1h30m22s) – I hate Bush
  • Katrina Killings (43m29s) – cops killing innocent people during Katrina, including shooting a retard in the back – fucking disgusting & revolting and shameful behavior from the police. It is, however, no surprise, and should not be to anyone watching it. However, I have a feeling that if most of America watched this, they would have no clue that any of this happened. Bad America, Bad!
  • Cut The Cost Of Oil (The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman) (1h11m13s) – not necessarily a perpetual motion machine, but supposedly better technology out there exists for creation of energy. According to this, the car manufacturers/oil companies have gone through great lengths to try to suppress any rival technology that may upset their profit model. Wow, sounds like the RIAA!
  • Now – 20060915 – Blog The Vote (25m49s) – about DailyKos, and other blogs, and how bloggers are starting to influence the democratic election process
  • AL Gore – interview – 730 Report (14m25s)
  • Sex Crimes & The Vatican (Passionate Eye) (40m51s) – Description is HERE. Let me just say with utmost certainty that the current pope has caused children to be molested. The Catholic church is committing an incredible amount of intentional evil!!


  • Kevin Mitnick ‘Freedom Downtime’ + interview – I’m glad that after so many years that Kevin is finally free. The rampant govt civil rights abuses he endured rival those of Jose Padilla. They had him in solitary for 9 months without being charged. He was not allowed access to the phone because they thought he could cause a nuclear strike using a payphone. The government is clueless, and afraid. They made an example of Kevin Mitnick, and committed great abuse while doing so.
  • Google Behind The Screen (20060407) (Cutting Edge SBS)
  • How To Win Video Games — all about specific Atari 2600 games
  • How To Beat Home Video Games – Vol 1, 2, 3 – gives you the experience of playing Atari 2600 games without having to actually play… tips & tricks…
  • Video Game Revolution (1h34m39s)

Well, that’s it. For previous years’ watching lists, click HERE.