February 2007

Holy shit!! *I* want to play soccer with robots!!!. This shit is nuts. Fuck consoles, I want this!
Taser Weapons Implicated In so-called “Excited Delirium” Deaths.
HDTV recommended by a friend. (more…)

This is one of many reasons why police should not be doling out their propaganda in schools.

Lots of links today. The best Anna Nicole Wacked-Out-Of-Her-Mind video ever. Another photographer beaten by cops for taking legal pictures. Ning, a site that lets you create your own social networking site. Dancing Israelis in NYC Arrested on 9-11. And some Java reference links. Read on for more. (more…)

This is breaking news to me.  Apparantly there are allegedly videos of BBC announcing that WTC7 had collapsed — while it was still standing in the live background video.  This was over 20 minutes before the actual collapse.  The video is circulating all over the internet.  I’d include a Google Video link, but Google is removing new instances as they pop up so it would be pointless.  (Some links included below:) (more…)

Questionable Firings Of U.S. Attorneys By Bush — using Patriot Act clause that usurps Senate Confirmation

Wow, I did not know about ANY of this. This is subtle stuff, but dangerous. Unprecedented political purging of U.S. attorneys. Attorneys being asked who they voted for in the 2000 election as part of their job application. Bush usurpsing congress via the Patriot Act. (more…)

I am a police officer who shoots multiple people delivering furniture to me.  I deserve to die.Keith Washington is a scumbag lowlife alleged murderer as far as I am concerned, and deserves a murder charge in my opinion. He is a Maryland police officer (and high-ranking homeland security official) who ordered a bed from Marlow. When the deliverymen came, one went in and Mr. Washington got angry with him over a scratched headboard.

The deliveryman went back out to the truck and called the supervisor, telling the supervisor how angry Keith Washington was. “He’s looking for a fight,” the deliveryman said. Then, both men went in to deal with the bed situation.

Keith Washington told them to leave, and as they were allegedly walking out the door, he shot one of them. The other tried to help the first, and also got shot. 3 times. 1 died.

Here is the coward cop killer actually having the gall to liken himself to a victim of sexual assault. Yes, those of us who have sympathy against people who are victims of sexual crims are supposed to be feeling for this killer cop. Yea right.

Here’s some background on cop killer Keith Washington: (more…)

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