Every year, I post a list of the movies/shows I watched. As we watch the shows, we always notice a few coincidences. So, here is our LIST OF VIEWING COINCIDENCES IN 2006:

  1. (That 70’s Show, Arrested Development)
    2 FOX shows made “finishing each others’ sandwiches” (instead of ‘sentences’) references within days – writers are sharing jokes now?
  2. (Mirrormask)
    Carolyn wearing bunny slippers while the main character of the movie is wearing bunny slippers
  3. (Moral Orel #1[Xmas], Simpsons[My Fair Willie][20060226])
    watched claymation Moral Orel right before Simpsons had a claymation-style couch scene
  4. (Moral Orel #1[Xmas], American Dad[20060226])
    The “Spate Of False Jesii” mentioned by the Church Of The SubGenius: Moral Orel mistakenly thought his brother was the new Jesus, and American Dad had a pizza-deliveryman who was like Jesus through the whole episode
  5. (American Dad,Jefferson High School[20060226])
    American Dad went to a highschool reunion at Jefferson High school, and I live across the street from and went to a [Thomas] Jefferson High School
  6. ([20060226])
    Mark Ingebretsen read our coincidences list for 2005, then we watched 3 shows which gave us 3 more coincidences (the preceeding 3). A spate of false conicidences?
  7. (The 40-Year Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers)
    Two nights in a row, watched movies dealing with scoring with chicks.
    Maybe we were just horny?
  8. (Frasier #70_Frasier Loves Roz, Wedding Crashers)
    Two videos in a row dealing with weddings.
  9. (Frasier #84_Death & The Dog, Simpsons 20060312)
    Two shows nearly in a row where almost the entire episode was a flashback (with The Simpsons, there were flashbacks-within-flashbacks about 5 levels deep…They were doing it on purpose to be cute.)
  10. (King Of The Hill 20060319, The Island)
    Two videos in one night where “product” referred to something that it does not normally refer to — it was dog poop in KOTH, and clones in The Island.
  11. (Freddy Vs. Jason, Simpsons 20060402)
    Weekend of “Freddy” sightings – Freddy appeared in Simpsons right after watching F Vs. J.
  12. (Clint, Malcolm In The Middle 20060402)
    In the show, they talked about a $100/month duct tape budget for car repair.
    This show was watched while Clint’s car had a fender held together (and on the car) by duct tape after having an accident of his own.
  13. (Jason Vs. Freddy, Alien Vs. Predator, Underworld)
    Three franchise/archetype-crossover-sequels within a few weeks.
    If all this happened at once, we should look to ally with werewolves, Predators, and Jason. That’s what we’ve learned. Werewolves, Preadators, and Jason are your friend if you have Vampires, Aliens, and Freddy Krueger around.
  14. (Frasier, 24)
    The “Mrs. Logan / First Lady” actress in 24 was a guest in a Frasier that we just watched. (She was the blonde from “Designing Women”.)
  15. (Frasier – 171_S8E3_The Bad Son, real life 20060505)
    Frasier episode says there’s a meteor shower this Saturday which was also true in real life the day we watched it (camping!!)
  16. (Frasier – 185_S8E17_It Takes Two To Tangle, The Office season finale)
    Two episodes watched in the same night about a guy dating 2 women
  17. (Frasier – 186_S8E18_Forgotten But Not Gone, real life 20060513)
    When talking online with Evan and with Carolyn by my side, I used the word ‘quorum’, which I had to explain. Then, we watched Frasier and HE used the word ‘quorum’. (Frasier did not have to explain it.)
  18. (Frasier – 260-265ish, real life 20060609)
    Frasier’s love interest says she is going camping tomorrow, and we are too!
  19. (Freak Show #5,American Dad S2E04)
    Two cartoons in a row both about politics/elections and centered on Log Cabin Republicans (gay republicans), both of which we happened to actually watch on election day, even though that is not the date they originally aired.
  20. (real life, Twilight Zone [1960s] #150)
    Waking up after a lot of people over here drinking a bit too much, then that night watching a random episode of Twilight Zone which happened to start with them waking up after having too much to drink. (Turns out, they were in a dollhouse town.)
  21. (real life, Twilight Zone [1980s] S2E12, same day as last)
    Episode was about a draft-dodger meeting an alternate-reality veteran self. We watched this on Veteran’s Day, coincidentally.
    Also: two Twilight Zone coincidences in the same day.
  22. (real life, The Office 20061109)
    Just as everyone at my real-life work is about to move to Rosslyn, they find out they aren’t.
    The night before, we watched The Office, where everyone was going to be out of a job, then they were going to relocate, then they weren’t.
    Extremely similar situations at similar times.
  23. (real life, The Martian Chronicles pt 3)
    Didn’t watch The Martian Chronicles, but when dealing with it, noticed that part 3 begins in “November 2006”, which is when I was reviewing it!
    This wouldn’t be much of a coincidence if this wasn’t for the fact that this is an old made-for-TV SciFi mini-series from 1979, and I really could have obtained it anytime, not just November 2006.
  24. (South Park #147, American Dad #305)
    Within 2 months, 2 toons with MMORPG-related plots.
    South Park specifically used World Of Warcraft, while American Dad was based on the MMORPG concept in general.
  25. (Kenny Vs. Spenny:Who Can Wear A Dead Octopus On Their Head Longer?, The Batman:S4E5)
    Two shows we watched in a row with people being dosed without their knowledge. Spenny got dosed with 4 hits of acid, and Batman & Robin got dosed with some crazy comicbook shit.
  26. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force:Dickesode, Freak Show #7:Mohel-Me-Not)
    Within a couple weeks, watched two cartoons with enemy characters that created things out of penis pieces. THIs is the ODDEST COINCIDENCE. In Dickesode, we had an entire rocketship made out of forcefully amputated dicks (the dickship), and in Freak Show we have a moyle who used a collection of circumcised foreskins to create “The Jewish Messiah”, a 200-foot tall creature made out of circumcized foreskins.
    By the way, circumcision is evil. Do not mutilate your children’s genitals. It is dead wrong — http://www.sexuallymutilatedchild.org.
  27. (Three Stooges movie-Stop,Look,& Laugh, Sat Nite Live-Hidden Camera Coffee Switch w/Chris Farley)
    Watched the last 2 minutes of The 3 Stooges movie, where they spontaneously throw pies at an uppity party. Everyone gets cream pies in the face.
    Then, watched the Saturday Nite Live sketch (a single downloaded clip) where Chris Farley did the EXACT SAME THING.
    About 60 real-life seconds passed between the two cream pie fights!

More coincidences in 2006 than 2005, I believe.

Perhaps because I am paying more attention to them?

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