March 2007

Actual officer is suspended for 3 months while waiting on court date for impersonating an officer. Cops arresting cops. Does it get any more messed up (and funny) than this? (more…)

this is it!What the hell happened to Bob Barr? He’s lobbying pro-pot now, after literally stopping democracy in D.C.? Also: Read about the most BRUTAL Sewer EVER… It spurts blood! Also: Review of online photo editors. (more…)

AMAZING construction paper art. World Trade Center full blueprints leaked. U.S.A no longer king of technology. Cops + dog ownership = human brain injury over registration. Favicon generator.


dead KippI dreamed that Kipp killed himself. I was at a party when I heard, and was very upset. Walking home from the party I was even more upset. (I should have realized it was a dream — I never walk.) (more…)

Just read the headlines. These stories are ridiculous. Read on for more explanation. $5! WTF is ‘suspicion of speeding’?! Semi-identical’?? Stop credit offers! (more…)

Looks like my blog was once again cited (ARTICLE: People Of Fairfax County Be Very Very Scared) in the papers due to me formerly knowing a guy who killed someone. I am not crazy about the level exposure, but it’s out there, so I may as well mention it. (more…)

this is NOT the same raccoonRacoons!

Read on for the full story! (more…)

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