Does anyone know where I can get one a bunch of these Crystal Trackballs?

[UPDATE: New computers don’t have serial ports, and serial to USB adapters suck, so I now no longer have use for these trackballs, even though I love them!]

[UPDATE: I need PS2 versions of these mice, not serial versions! WHERE OH WHERE CAN I GET THESE?!?!?!] [UPDATE: model #173445 is PS2, as opposed to a different model for serial, I think. Manufacturing was by F.M.I.]

I freakin’ love these trackballs.

Functionally, I like a large ball, as this gives you a greater dynamic range and thus generally more precision.

I like the placement of the ball, allowing you to point with — GASP — your index finger, like a normal human. Not one of those stupid trackballs where your THUMB uses the ball. Who the hell points with their thumb?

I like how the buttons are at the bottom, easily thumb-and-pinky-tappable. They are the two least dexterous fingers, and thus the ones most suited to be allocated to button-pushing and not pointing.

I like how it’s a trackball, so I can just sit it in my lap while sitting in my recliner or chair. No desk or mousepad is required.

I like how it’s clear and that makes it have high geek-appreciate value. It’s also a functional boon because it means you can easy see if a part is broken or if the ball dirty.

I liike how the ball is glowing red, with an LED. During a power-out, my battery-backuped computer has allowed me to use this as a (corded) flashlight. At night, the red light projecting on the ceiling has perturbed me.

I like how the ball turns green (more LEDs) when you press the button… As well as when windows initializes it, or finds it when adding new hardware.

The mouse LEDs do not turn on if the mouse is not recognized by windows. Even with no monitor, the red light becomes a symbol of a successful boot-up with a recognized mouse.

I bought at least 5 of these for $30, after going through 5 $10-opaque variants of these that I got from IBM in the early 1990s.

It’s been about 14 years I’e been using these types of trackball.


I dropped it, and the light stayed green. The buttons were pushed down and could not be unpushed, even if you lifted them up. Nothing I could do would fix it.

So I dropped it upside down. Viola! Force applied in the oppositte direction of a break, made a fix.

But it’s my last.

I need more.

They don’t sell them prominently.

They might not make them.

I have not changed trackball types since I was a freshman in college.

I don’t want to start now.

Does anyone know where I can get one a bunch of these?