Just getting that out there.  Sin City was the best movie I watched in 2006.  300 is almost the worst movie I’ve seen in 2007.  (I give that award to Shortcuts, which some liked.)  But basically, 300 is just one long fight scene.  The fighting itself is pretty cool, but somewhat unrealistic, and everything else in the movie is just cheesy. Including the codpieces.Thanks for the free tickets, Glen. :)

I’m glad these guys weren’t there.

Glen, Carolyn, Mark, and I went to the Merrifield theatre next near my house.  We definitely determined that if you leave at 7:35PM, you can get there with time to spare for an 8PM movie.  Next time, we can try cutting it a little close.

On the way back, we stopped at Taco Bell.  “Let’s go in!”, I exclaimed.

For some reason Glen found this so ‘unpredictable’ that he had to mention it to Angel, who said I was one of the most ‘unpredictable motherfuckers’ she knows.

I mean… All I did was go into Taco Bell!  Is that so out of character?!?! :)

Ooops!  Politically incorrect humor!