20060414 - Darren & Debbie hang out - 100-0038 - Misfit curled up on Debbie's legSo I had a dream where Misfit was hit by a car.

Carolyn & I were grocery shopping at Weis Markets #136 in Woodbridge – that’s the grocery store I worked in for 2.5 yrs when I was in high school. We had Misfit on our leash like we do during camping trips (posting Misfit in a hammock pictures on flickr last night are probably the cause of this). But he escaped as we were doing the checkout, and just waltzed right through the automatic doors, out the front of Weis. (The doors were in a different place, much closer to the way our local K-Mart is, than the way Weis Markets #136 really is.)

Anyway, he just swaggers across the street, like nothing’s going on, and I see this car coming. Slowly. Like 3-4MPH.

Misfit runs into the car. I hear his head thump off of it. But it was so slow he seemed fine. The car stopped and I even told them, “oh, he’s fine!”

I think in real life he was scratching on his cardboard/catnip scratchy-thingee and that may have also helped inspire the dream.

My dreams aren’t very vivid OR very long… Ever. I remember maybe 3 a year.