I present you with the latest 11 videos from my digital cam that I have posted to youtube…

Here’s an example of the workmanship of Virginia Design Builders (run by Dan Lopez) — raining inside my house. In the basement. Nice roofing work. In their defense, they fixed the problem very quickly:

Here is Erin C trying not to be video’ed:

Here is Darren M playing that “boxing” game they have in arcades:

Here is me chasing some ducks back into the lake they came from. “And stay out!”

Here are Wayne & Erik getting into some mischief with Christian’s pool table:

Here is Kipp and me trying to float a can down the creek. I am way way way too excited over it. WAY too excited:

At another party, Amanda C brought “walla-balla”. Apparantly I was the only one who could do it. I got the hip action!

Here is Carolyn @ her 30th birthday party. Everyone is singing “Happy Birthday”. She keeps expecting me to take a picture, but it’s a movie! It’s funny how she tries to be still when she thinks it’s a picture, but then moves around when she is told it is a video:

Here is Britt a bit too drink at her own party. A Britt too drunk?

2006/9/9. Camping with Misfit the cat. He explores the creek:

…then he growls at the dogs that he was terrified of: