Well, my job isn’t really new, but I asked to be removed from the client site (after almost 3 years). So, it may as well be new. New people (there are only 4 other people in the company who were here back when I went to the client site in 2004), new location (McLean vs Potomac), new office (yes, an office, not a cube, though it is shared), new work (I’ve already learned more this week than my entire last year at the client site), new computers (with admin access, I have winamp+lastfm, editplus, cygwin, perl, apache, and all kinds of software on there, including the Clintvironment(tm) I have at home with c:\4NT, c:\bat, c:\util, etc.) So, now I am learning PHP. Astoundingly one of the first things I am doing is changing a login from working with an access database to working with a flat file! WTF? Don’t ask… But either way, the atmosphere here is sooo much better. And the hardware is pretty schway too. USB ports on the computer front, back, monitor, AND keyboard. Headphone jacks on the monitor too. Volume knob built into the keyboard (sadly, I will get an ergoboard and this will go away, but since I use winamp with globalhotkeys I can always control my volume with windows-uparrow and windows-downarrow).

I took a bunch of pictures of the client site (the one I was at from Nov 2005-Mar 2006) before leaving. At some point I will post those, plus the pics of my previous client site (from May 2004-Nov 2005; same client), most of which were my cube. I’ll probably forget to link to them from here but I am guessing http://www.flickr.com/photos/clintjcl/tags/work will show these pictures in the future… (There are pics there now, just not the ones I’m talking about.)

Okay I’ll stop now :)