March 2007

I didn’t expect to be doing CoolEdit at work! All those years of editing mp3s are paying off. Apparantly, “Adobe Audition” bought CoolEdit at some point, and it’s the same damn program (only better). I think I may have realized this in the past but forgotten it. Here I sit recording audio scripts for FDIC training — a strange task I’ve never done on the job. For a one-day task, this is a fun diversion. I’ll even get to possibly use my mp3-encoding scripts that I use at home here! (more…)

Phew.. Just uploaded six and half more pages of pictures today… That’s a lot.. I’m slowly but surely catching up to present day.  Check out my latest pictures HERE.

Another day with another 3 disturbing stories… Please read: (more…)

20060811 - Tribute To Killroy and The Capture Of Saddam Hussein - 104-0423 - Clint in the holeHot Carolyn 105-0530_IMGClint and Carolyn’s online activities, via Yahoo Pipes (http)

Clint and Carolyn’s online activities, via Yahoo Pipes (RSS!)

If you REALLY want to keep track of EVERYTHING Carolyn AND I do online, and you REALLY REALLY wont learn RSS — bookmark the http link above, and come back to it regularly.  Completely plain, this will show the newest stuff at the top. You will have to pretty much click every link to even know what it is. However, it will encompass postings and comments on both our blogs and flickr accounts, as well as YouTube videos and bookmarks. Plus, the “pipe” can be edited to include more stuff as well, so if we ever have new sources, they will automatically be incorporated.   Use the 2nd link (RSS) to subscribe to our aggregated feed, which is much easier than subscribing to each of our feeds individually. (more…)

Democracy ignored, police brutailty and murders (someone hits your cruiser? murder them!) .   Why don’t we care about Angel Raich, and yet care about Terry Schiavo? (more…)

I present you with the latest 11 videos from my digital cam that I have posted to youtube… (more…)

Well, my job isn’t really new, but I asked to be removed from the client site (after almost 3 years). So, it may as well be new. (more…)

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