April 2007

https://i0.wp.com/www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/download/imagedump/police-brutality-thumbnail.jpgCatholicism is killing.  Quite possibly more than Al Queda.  Meanwhile, teenagers are arrested for barking at dogs, and the police let a diabetic inmate die, left alone, covered in feces, denied medicine he needs to live.

IS IT ANY WONDER SOME PEOPLE DON’T LIKE TO FOLLOW THE RULES, when the two biggest authorities we have — religion, and the state — don’t follow the rules themselves? (more…)

Well, we all went camping this weekend, and it was nice to know we actually succeeded. Last April we tried to set up camping trip “2006 #1” and it became canceled three times due to people backing out (almost always unnecessarily) due to the weather. It was nice that this camping trip worked out in a single try! (more…)

//www.flickr.com/people/furiousgeorge81/Plus, smoking may help stave off dementia! Read on for the info. (more…)

I saw Timothy Leary speak at Virginia Tech . . . and it was awesome.Was Timothy Leary Right?. Man tasered to death for holding a bible. India To Offer Free Broadband to all citizens. Teacher denied her earned degree because of a “Drunken Pirate” picture on MySpace. Honors student arrested for doing his school assignment – Virginia Tech massacre-related racism. Kaiser-Permanente Horror Stories. (more…)

Jack Valenti… is dead.
I love how the first comment on the slashdot article is “frosty piss right on his grave… rot in hell you son of a bitch”. (more…)

A sick sad world today. EU is going to ban hate speech? Two unarmed men shot by police. A great backup tool for your digital cam photos or mp3s. Read on; today’s links are heavy and it’s too much to summarize here. By the way — fascist America, in 10 easy steps is a great f’ing article. Also, read on about the “pot 2.0” reefer madness CNN is spouting. Seriously – today’s links are disturbing. (more…)

A rare DVD of South Park-related material has surfaced in the grey market areas of the internet. This DVD includes Matt & Trey’s short films from college, as well as much more. Read on for the list of contents. (more…)

Can you believe that someone can call 911, and the cops can come to the wrong house, rough up the person that lives there, realize their mistake, then come to another wrong house, and rough up that person, all before going to the address the phone call originated from? Correct me if I’m wrong, and I may be, but that seems to me to be what happened!
In other news
, Vermont Senate votes to https://i0.wp.com/www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/download/imagedump/transformers-decepticon-megatron-head-w-no-symbol.jpgImpeach Bush, you can’t buy an original Megatron on Ebay due to their rules(!!), WEEN is coming out with a new album, Pentacles (aka inverted pentagrams) are now legal on soldiers’ graves (thank you ACLU), and I am glad we have no plans for children (Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator). Read on for the links. (more…)

WHAT MILLENIUM IS THIS??? Students attend school’s first integrated prom America is so racist that some high schools are having their FIRST PROM WHERE BLACK AND WHITE STUDENTS MIX. Is this good news? Or is this bad news? I thinkit’s actually much worse BAD news that we even have to be hearnig about this in the 2000s! This is, like, so last millenium. Gag me with a spoon. (more…)

A self-congratulatory pat-on-the-back to celebrate that this blog has reached 100,000 views. Unfortunately, 10,051 of them are people searching for “drunk t33ns sh!tt!ng” that get served up my “sober grannies eating” page as revenge for their perversion. Another 3,338 came to my “found new unintentional cartoon porn” page.  We hit 50,000 on 1/7/2007, so that’s an average of about 480 a day.  It took over 2 years to get the first 50,000, and less than 4 months to get the next 50,000.  Do these things always increase?

Postcard - Sex Pistols - God Save The QueenIt’s actually Carolyn & I’s favorite Sex Pistols album! Yes, I understand the background and how it’s a soundtrack, it’s not a real Pistols album, most of the songs aren’t actually by them, it’s a joke, blah blah blah blah blah. I just don’t care. It’s damn interesting. It’s more interesting to me than the real Sex Pistols album. To me, you need three Sex Pistols releases … You need Nevermind The Bollocks…Here’s The Sex Pistols … You need The Great Rock & Roll Swindle … You need The Swindle Continues. That’s it. Screw the rest. (Though I would strongly recommend The Pretty And The Vacant – a Sex Pistols / The Damned tribute album that I have.) Anyway, check out this scathing review I found and my brief response (read on)… (more…)

Problem solved. Thanks guys! (more…)

Goatse is for sale!!!!! On Flickr, use this page to view others’ photos sorted by interestingness… (I ran this on a few friends’ accounts.) And of course, the Virginia Tech-related craziness (read on for istories, including a teacher arrested for threatening herself). (more…)

So, Starveillance beings tonight on E!. Not having that channel, I hope somebody out there records this show, as I would like to see it. From the creators of Celebrity Deathmatch (which is still going), it’s bound to have some celebrity irony. The scene I saw involves a first date between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. He was so immature that she kept walking out, but then she would ask him to show her his stomache, and that convinced her to stay (for about 30 seconds; repeat cycle 3-4 times). I’m always up for making fun of our vapid celebrities, and I’m always up for animation, so this is a good combo of the two. Please someone record it! I’m talking to you, MySpleen. (more…)

After working 12 days straight, I partied hard this weekend. Normally I might get two hangovers in a year, but this time I got two in a weekend. Special thanks to Angel for throwing the party; her blog post about it is here. Pictures will eventually be posted HERE, among other places.

LJ is #3

Dunst on doobies! Map of the blogosphere! Cops that shoot at their wives get $0 bail, meanwhile airships watch us from above, your monitor can be snooped from a distance, and a new ankle bracelet reports if you drink alcohol. Read on for the links. (more…)

Another day in a sick sad world.

God Hates fags asshole hatemonger - shoot her in the headhttp://thesmokinggun.com/0420071ghf1.html.
These guys are scum (the hate group, not TheSmokingGun.com).
Someone please show up to the funeral and teach them a lesson. Preferably with a steel-toed boot.
More info on http://www.GodHatesFags.com …. Kate M adds: “Tell them it’s not very Christian!”

Did I ever mention Flickr kicks ass?
If you don’t like how this is cut off, view the version at my LiveJournal instead.

Cops muder. A lot. Sean Bell is only the tip of iceberg in the NYC police murder culture. With so many shootings going on, by cops and kids alike, one might not realize that the Virginia Tech shooter was laughed at and bullied, just like the Columbine shooters?…
Kids are so aggressive in unhealthy ways, but not aggressive in the ways that matter: Schools need to teach students to be aggressive in the ways that matter. The shooter could have been stopped. I know fellow alumni who used to carry concealed on campus. They would have known what to do.
On top of all of this, a Microsoft Word vulnerability compromised the US State Dept. Is Microsoft’s greed for corporate profits going to hurt this country? (Answer: It already has). (more…)

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