A rare DVD of South Park-related material has surfaced in the grey market areas of the internet. This DVD includes Matt & Trey’s short films from college, as well as much more. Read on for the list of contents.

Matt & Trey’s short films from college:

  1. First Date
  2. He Is Risen, Indeed
  3. Dana Kroger’s Dance Flick
  4. Darin Foat’s Mafia School
  5. Kevin Allen’s Judgement Day
  6. Rob Brown’s Elvis Movie (or That’s Alright, Mama)
  7. South Park: The Spirit Of Christmas (the first one)
    This is the pre-pre pilot. Episode #-1, if you will.
    Episode #0 is what caused them to be picked up as a series.
    Episode #1 is the first that aired on Comedy Central.
  8. Steven Salada’s One Minute Western
  9. My First Day in Communism
  10. Mars

Time Warped pilots:

  1. Aaron
  2. Rom & Jul
  3. The Making of Rom & Jul (5 minute documentary)

Random Crap:

  1. 35 minutes of Cannibal! The Musical deleted scenes
  2. Entertainment Awright – spoof behind-the-scenes of Orgazmo porn film
    (as opposed to the actual film Orgazmo)
  3. DVDA performances of “David Kelly”, “Brian Boitano”, and “Chewbacca
    (all found on the Lapdance 2001 DVD)
  4. Two OrgazmoDVD trailers
  5. Two short interviews with Dian Bachar (choda boy) on the set of Orgazmo
  6. short interview with Michael Dean Jacobs (Maxxx Orbison from Orgazmo) on the set of Orgazmo
  7. Conversation between Trey, Dian and Jason McHugh about the Entertainment Awright interviews.

Hoooowwwwwwwwwwwwww Di Hoooooo, children!
Gee it smells an awful lot like flowers.