Well, we all went camping this weekend, and it was nice to know we actually succeeded. Last April we tried to set up camping trip “2006 #1” and it became canceled three times due to people backing out (almost always unnecessarily) due to the weather. It was nice that this camping trip worked out in a single try!

A special huge thanks to Eli, who cooked an insane amount of insanely good food. It’s 7:14PM on Sunday and hunger is only just now starting to begin. Pork & beef cheeseburgers, eggs with peppers and bacon, eggs with peppers and steaks. My God. The good food just wouldn’t stop coming.

We had two people who were “Clint and Carolyn Camping Virgins”. Stacy brought his girlfriend Louise, and our new friend Casey D showed up as well. Both of them had blue eyes, somewhat reddish brown hair, green shirts, fathers who were in the military… It was crazy. I think there were some other coincidences as well.

Dan & Erin came, but left the same day. That was too bad.

Stacy & Louise also left very early Sunday morning, so we missed them leave.

A lot of people went to bed surprisingly early. Even last man standing (Clint, Carolyn, Eli) was earlier than usual — I think 2AM.

The streams were quite active due to the recent rain.

Misfit the cat joined us, and since no other animals came, he actually chilled out a bit compared to past camping trips. Casey & Kipp took him for a walk down the stream, where he apparently took a big dump that was the “biggest cat dump [Kipp] had ever seen”.

This was maybe the first time we’ve ever gone to George Washington National Forest Park without any sign of horses.

Sleeping sucked in terms of comfort — not sure why. Sleeping without a sleeping bag was a bad decision, and I eventually got it and got in it anyway. Then I dreamed that zombies were trying to kill me. LOTS and LOTS of zombies. They gradually increased through the dream. For some reason, saying, “Ghost!” at them would make them temporarily run away. During another part of the dream, I was making fake zombie noises so that they would think I was a zombie. (I blame South Park for all the zombie stuff with their “chaaange” episode.) The noises coming out of my mouth were like… DOOM noises, from the videogame DOOM. Anyway, it was a pain in the ass trying not to be killed for hours on end… Then I woke up.

Eli would not wake up for the longest time. We knew he had good food coming. He talked about it. The antici- pation was hard to get over!

Anyway, it was quite fun to get out and chill. Nothing spectacularly interesting necessarily happened, but it was really cool to get out and unwind outside at our favorite spot again!

Yay camping!

Yeah.. this write-up.. not really planned, edited, linear, or good.. but.. um… it beats nothing?

2008/05/13 Edit:

The photos have now been posted on my flickr HERE.

Here’s the videos!