May 2007

Also very interesting is this video that explains how Wikis work, and the fact that Democracy TV player just got a $100,000 grant. Read on for the coke & pot found in Roman air, the stick up Germany’s ass, and the rest of the links. (more…)

So, I’ve been posting pictures to My FlickR account for quite awhile now.  I do them in chronological order.  I frequently gather my favorite photos from other photographers who were at the same event, and post them at the same time I post mine.  This has worked so far because I’ve been years months behind in posting.  But it wont last, and I am wondering if there is a better solution… (more…) having a criminal record for the rest of your life simply for putting your foot on a seat. Now imagine the civil war in 4 minutes! Now imagine women who prefer ugly men! Now imagine the 10 coolest trees in the world. Now imagine getting fingerprinted in Amsterdam. What??? Read on for the links…


Because it does. A lot. (more…)

I AM A CUNTPedophile police don’t get arrested when caught red-handed photographing 5-year-olds up their skirts. You see — police can do whatever they want, such as ripping a man out of his car, knocking his tooth out, breaking his ribs, then arresting him for disorderly conduct for daring to allow them to torture him.
Don’t trust the police. Also, do not trust Trusted Computing. It doesn’t trust you. In a similar vein, Don’t Let AT&T Ruin the Internet.
Meanwhile, Laura Mallory is a hypocritical religious skank
who should be forced to live in a prison somewhere, where she can be protected from other peoples’ values.
Does this news suck? Need something happy? How about a white tiger that swims!? (more…)

My dad commuted over the 14th street bridge from DC to VA — the one that got hit by a plane on January 13th, 1982. That was my birthday. I was in 2nd grade. (more…)

    Also: Kevorkian is still truckin‘, but unfortunately making no progress.  DON’T MISS the top 25 censored news stories.  They are great. (more…)

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