Seriously though… Putting a doctor in jail for doing his job?
Also: 12 Laws Every Blogger Needs To Know. Flickr rules!

Do I seriously have to add a privacy policy? sheesh.


And something saying that people who submit comments are licensing me to own those comments? Seems like overkill.


A few whiny pricks ruin it for us all, as usual. :)

Yes! FlickR kicks ass! It’s nice to see a corporation actually put faith into its best product.

Yahoo had to swallow it’s pride by discontinuing it’s in-house-developed Yahoo photos in favor of their purchased-company of FlickR.

Good stuff.

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This is total bullshit. And he’s been in jail since 2004.

When you are old and in chronic pain — YOU WILL JUST FEEL THE PAIN.

Doctors are scared shitless by the D.E.A., who will charge them for prescribing “too much”.

The D.E.A. is not a medical association. They are a law enforcement association. They have no business deciding how much painkiller is too much. They know this, too. They had briefly put up some guidelines about acceptable amounts (even though this isn’t really their jurisdiction). When the Hurwitz and other pain-doctor trials kicked off, they quickly removed the guidelines so they couldn’t be used in court.

Typical government subterfuge; the type you would expect in soviet russia.

The jury verdict is more extensively covered in this blog here:



“Those patients used the doctor shamelessly,” said a juror. “There was no financial benefit to him that was very evident to us,” another juror said. “It was a really hard case for all of us. I think that Dr. Hurwitz really did care about his patients.” “There were just some times he fell down on the job.” Another juror: “There were red flags he should have seen.”
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