Saturday, May 5th, 2007

False arrest lawsuit closer to trial: Cop blocks your driveway. You tell him to move. He doesn’t. You beep. He arrest you. You don’t get charged, but your career goes down the tube due to failed background checks because of the arrest. NO ONE SHOULD BE FIRED OR FAIL A BACKGROUND CHECK UNLESS CONVICTED!

EMMINENT DOMAIN DONE RIGHT: Brazil Voids Merck Patent On AIDS Drug. Humans with aids say “fuck you” to capitalist companies that use profit as a means of forcing people who can’t afford drugs to die. Go Brazil. Go humanity. This is piracy done right. (Not to mention AIDS research is heavily public funded anyway…) I am sure most Americans would be against this, and the WTO will have problems with this too. If a country can take away someone’s home for the greater public good, why can’t it take away a corporation’s patent for the greater public good? (more…)

What surreal experience, mon.

Getting beers at a yard sale?!?!?!

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