Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

It’s so rare that a concert features two bands I want to see!

Celtic Frost and Type O Negative!!!!!!!!!!!!! (more…)

The Ugly: Woman forced to smoke crack.
The Bad: Record companies are trying to criminalize and limit used CD sales. Disney has convinced Cox to disable fast forward on your DVR. Verizon tries to justify helping Bush spy on us as “free speech” (as in, it’s free speech for me to give out your private information). CORPORATIONS ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.
The Good: Marilyn Manson and Slayer tour dates. FUNNY CATS. (more…)

20070119 - Misfit has his head on Carolyn's face - 109-0997_IMG

20070105 - hanging out - Misfit - (by Glen) - 348248161_25b27528c0_o

As originally announced in Carolyn’s “It’s Not Fair” posting, our cat, Misfit, died after being hit by a car sometime Sunday night. I don’t have much more to say on the matter except that it fucking sucks. Just go read Carolyn’s post.

Read on for many photos and a slideshow. If you prefer the FlickR interface, simply click a photo, then click the “R.I.P. Misfit” in the upper right corner to see the entire set. The slideshow is at the very bottom of the page.

This may take awhile to load. (more…)