It’s nice that I can use my map-drives script to map [at least a few] of my drives at work. Unfortunately, not every letter would map. My computer Storm has several drives: S: (120G), T: (500G), U: (120G), (V: died), W: (500G). But I could only successfully map to U:.

So, next time I was at home, I used the junction.exe tool to create single-letter directory names to all my other drives on that computer.

I made U:\s\ point to S:
I made U:\t\ point to T:
I made U:\w\ point to W:

So… while ideally I would simply go to S:\new\, that didn’t work. But I can still go to I:\s\new. Very close to the same thing, and it keeps me from having to use as many drive letter at work (many are taken already). (At home, I use every letter except for F:, G:, and H:.)

Getting connected to my computer Hell was significantly harder. NET MAP absolutely would not work. I had to look up Microsoft support page errors. They didn’t pan out. I had to look closer. It turned out it was my firewall (Sygate, soooo much better than Zone Alarm). I had to enable NetBios [i.e. from the world] for it.

Awhile back, I had whitelisted my work’s IP address, so that I could get in via VNC. I went in with VNC to mess with my firewall, and got the network mapping working.

Once again, I went to Hell (via vnc), and created junctions from P: (Hell’s C:) to Q: and R: (Hell’s 250G and 400G drives).

Now, I can get to P:, Q:, R:, S:, T:, U:, and W:. Basically, every drive on my two computers, and no drives on Carolyn’s two computers.

But I could always VNC to Hell and copy files from Carolyn’s computer back to one of the drives I have access to.

This has come in handy.

When I find cool stuff to save, I save it into the “bring-home” folder on my thumbdrive. I have a sync.bat that lives on my thumbdrive, to “sync” up (it’s a wanna-be pda!). Now, the sync.bat would check if I was at work or at home (via %MACHINENAME, an environment variable I always set). It would move my bring-home folder into c:\new\brought_home on my home computer.

But lately, I haven’t been bringing my thumbdrive home. Now that I have networking at work, why bother?

So, sync.bat now moves stuff into c:\new\brought_home (actually I:\s\new\brought_home) straight from work.

I’m toying with the idea of using the at.exe command to cause a scheduled job for this to happen automatically at a regular interval.

As for making it easy to save into that folder? I got a bit tired of typing f:\travelling files\bring_home … So I used TweakUI (or was it XTeq Systems Tweaker?) to create a “custom place” for my bring_home folder. So when I do save as, it is 1 click away:

save as

Now, saving stuff to bring_home only entails a single click to move to that folder.
I also added “My Pictures” so I could easily save new photos from flickr into my My Pictures screensaver.


Anyway, I am really liking this setup at work much better than the client site setup, so restrictive that I could not even change my screen resolution until I got admin access to the machine.