Friday, May 11th, 2007

Plus: War In Iraq funds could feed every starving person on the planet for years, How To Stop Getting Junk Mail. Turtle Vs. Cat video, and proposed legislation to officially outlaw NSA eavesdropping. Read on for the rest of the links. (more…)

Yahoo Lyrics is the first legal lyrics site ever. This is because the RIAA has made sure to stomp out music lyrics whenever they find them, via cease-and-desist letters — even sent when lyrics to non-RIAA songs are posted. This site is just an excuse to go after other lyric sites…

In fact, Yahoo Lyrics is the poorest lyrics site on the internet, and the least usable as well!

EvilLyrics  is much much MUCH MUCH MUCH better.  It is less effort, finds more results (instead of a pitiful few), and saves the lyrics to a TXT file on your harddrive as opposed to a useless JPG image of the lyrics.

Read on for my review, including testing lyrics for specific songs… (more…)