So, we didn’t know you had to use paint thinner on a brush after you used it.  Whoops.  Neither of us have ever painted before.  I’m not sure if the original brushes can be recovered or not.  I’m also not sure how much paint thinner is enough, or how through you need to do things to get the brush working, or what.  I just don’t know. 

We did manage to stain the inside of the closet.  Some lessons learned – do the whole board at the same time, or you can see the line between.

We came up with a “two-stage cycle” that lasts 20 minutes:

  1. First 5 minutes: stain an area.
  2. Second 5 minutes: stain a 2nd area while the first sits for 5 minutes
    (They recommend 3, but it’s not dark enough, so we do 5.).
  3. Third 5 minutes: wipe down area #1.
  4. Fourth 5 minutes: wipe down area #2.

We managed to do, I think, 3 of these cycles last night.  (We also had to put down the pre-conditioner, and shower. So it ended up taking from like 6:30PM-11PM.)

So now, the inside of the closet is done with the first coat.  Tonight we are going to put more on.

Then, we have to do 4 coats of polyurethane.   And we haven’t stained the shelves yet.

And we still haven’t nearly finished the sanding of the rest, which we are avoiding because we don’t want to get dust on our other work.

We’re gonna stain friday night, saturday during the day, probably not any sunday, but possibly, and then all day monday.  We’ll see how far we get.

I hate this shit.