So, I’ve been posting pictures to My FlickR account for quite awhile now.  I do them in chronological order.  I frequently gather my favorite photos from other photographers who were at the same event, and post them at the same time I post mine.  This has worked so far because I’ve been years months behind in posting.  But it wont last, and I am wondering if there is a better solution… So, if I go to a party on May 5th, I might not post the pictures until August.  Which gives the other photographers (Glen, Christian, Angel, Casey, Lauren, etc) plenty of chance to post their party pictures to flickr before I do my upload…

But once I get caught up to the present?  I will likely post my party pictures Sunday or Monday night, immediately after the party.  If other people wait 2 months to post the pictures, then I wont have them to post alongside my own.

I could pester the other photographers to hurry up and post theirs, so that I may grab them and re-post them with mine — but that involves two things that I know wont work in the long run:  Depending on other people, and hassling my friends to try to do something my way.

So, my idea —

Is there some way I can copy other photographer’s photos ONTO my memory card RIGHT THERE AT THE PARTY.  So when it’s time for me to leave, I simply borrow everyone else’s memory card and clone the pictures onto mine.

I’m sure something like this exists.  I’ve seen portable USB flash drive backup devices.

Ideally, said device would simply copy the JPGs onto the same memory card that my JPGs are already on, without overwriting them.