May 2007

Yes, a choose your own adventure story based on the Virginia Tech Massacre. And New Jersey is suing to have this video suppressed, so watch it while you can. And be scared of the mind-reading machine. Read on for the links. (more…)

Is this really the land of the free? Read on for the links… the iGasm in particular seems like an interesting device – a sex toy for females that vibrates in tune to the music being listened to. (more…)

The Holocaust denial in particular pisses me off.  But the sex toy prosecutions are just a societal waste of taxpayers’ money at the expense of peoples’ personal sexual freedom!  Read on for the links. (more…)

Actually, it adds a 2-pixel black border surrounding an image, and then adds a drop shadow (going southwest) to the image. This increases the image size by about 15×15. Since it is a script, it is easily automate-able. It requires ImageMagick, outputs in PNG format, and makes a backup of the original. (more…)

So, we didn’t know you had to use paint thinner on a brush after you used it.  Whoops.  Neither of us have ever painted before.  I’m not sure if the original brushes can be recovered or not.  I’m also not sure how much paint thinner is enough, or how through you need to do things to get the brush working, or what.  I just don’t know.  (more…)

Just another day in a sick sad world. I really liked what Trent Reznor had to say, though! (more…)

An image gallery of teachers who have sex with students. This gallery is bound to fuel much male fantasy….My fave is of course Debra Lafave, who appropriately has “fave” in her name. Hopefully she can still have a career in porn. I also feel sorry for Mary Kay Letourneau — she may have raped a child, but once he turns 18, there’s no reason for the state to continue protecting him from her, considering they got married. Sometimes one has to realize love really can trump all, even if nobody else understands it.

Nazis, however, cannot be justified in the slightest.

Also: The next big job? Archiving old TV shows and movies. I’ll start working on my resume. (more…)

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