Recently, Carolyn bought me 5 pairs of pink flamingos for our yard, to supplement the two we already had.  Unfortunately, the idiot novelty store people only sent 5 pairs of legs.  So I had 10 flamingos (with a total of 20 leg holes), and only 10 legs.  Unlike real flamingos sleeping, these flamingos require two legs each.  And my reason for buying up flamingos is that the official original pink flamingos went out of business a few months ago, for the first time in like 50 years.

So, the novelty store doesn’t have any more legs to send.  They refunded us half our money.  I now have 5 legless flamingos.

How do I find some legs?  They are basically bendable metal rods with a specific diameter.  Where would I go to find something like that?  Adoring public, PLEASE HELP!!! :)