July 2007

And…Futurama Movie Set For November 27!!!!!!  Red Light Cameras become Spy CamerasArmed neo-Nazis assault New Jersey protestors, police assist their agenda The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face. TRANSFORMERS parodies on youtube! (more…)

A self-congratulatory pat on my own back for this blog reaching 150,000 views.  It took over 2 years to get the first 50,000, and less than 4 months to get the next 50,000.  About 3.25 months to get the 3rd 50,000.  At this rate, I would expect to hit 200,000 around Nov 15th.  We’ll see.

This also beats out all individual pages on my webpage, except for my media query page which has over 1,000,000 views.  I really should slap some Google AdSense on that!

    25 years in prison for possessing pills that you have a legal prescription for.  Arrested, assaulted, tasered for flying a flag upside down.  Fined $100 for throwing trash in a trash can (that’s littering, y’know!).  This is the sick sad world we live in.  Totalitarianism is spreading. (more…)

      Also: Necrophilia is legal in Wisconsin. “Get it while it’s cold!”  4 Men Framed By FBI Awarded $101 Million After Decades In Prison For Murder They Did Not Commit Sign the petition to stop New York’s new restrictive photographer laws! (more…)

        Cop taped beating man in post-Katrina New Orleans gets off scot-free (except for losing his job)“Loose Change” 911 documentary co-creator charged for desertion of army – despite having served 3 years, and left over 2 years ago.  New BBC documentary to expose 1933 plot to overthrow US government, which included George W. Bush’s grandfather.  U.S. Senators Call for Universal Internet Filtering (related: Deep Packet Inspection & Net Neutrality).  Man convicted of indecent exposure for masturbating in his own jail cellStudents jailed for having extremist materialFairfax Virginia Police Officers Sean Cheetham, Lt. Michael Grinnan, and Lt. Lance Schaible, Sued By County Planning Commissioner For AssaultThe cat that can predict death. (more…)

        So last Thursday, my contractor (Dan Lopez of Virginia Design Builders, who lives in Laurel, MD) called me and asked for me to return his call.  I thought we were done.  But after a few minutes, I called him back, wanting to find out what the deal was this time.  His tone and demeanor seemed to have changed from previous times we’ve dealt with him.  He practically apologized for the way the whole thing went down.  He may have even said the word “sorry” in the context of a larger sentence.  (I think I replied that I was sorry things turned out the way they were — which is really a non-apology, because none of this was my fault.)    More: (more…)

          Plus: Teens face ten years in prison for slapping girls’ butts.  And, Reboot will be renewed as feature-length movies!  Also: Netflix subscriptions dropping. Join nowIt’s way better per dollar than cable! (more…)

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