So, my Dad’s been tracing my family genealogy, and has been putting it all into a tree I maintain at As mentioned before, I am descended from some kings, including William The Conqueror, King of England.

Well, my Dad’s done some amazing work, in no small part due to the great efforts of my dad’s dad, before he died. Now I see that I am also descended from none other than Julius Caesar!

The tree now contains over 800 people, and goes back 3 generations before someone who died in 381 B.C!!!

It helps that there are some intersections with royal lineages, which are heavily documented. Helenus IV, King, Cimmerians started it all. Then I can count down via 37 kings (and 1 queen), to 2 dukes, to 8 more kings, a princess, king, princess, duke, 2 emporers and an empress of the Holy Roman Empire, 4 princesses, 2 counts, a schlub, Henry I (King Of England)…. Then we get to about the 1100s and things get less interesting as more and more non-royal people fill the planet and somehow end up getting laid. It’s all very interesting.

And he says the best is yet to come.

I’m kind of freaked out by all this. It’s awesome though. Any relatives who want to join my tree — drop me an email. (Since I haven’t really disclosed my last name here, good luck.)

UPDATE: Dad wasn’t kidding. The family tree goes back to Adam. Yes, Adam & Eve Adam. I have to wonder, at what point does the line get crossed, and a family tree simply becomes mythology? William The Conqueror I can accept. By now, that realization almost seems Banal. Julius Caesar I can even accept, though it hurts my brain. But Adam? Fucking Adam? You have got to be kidding me! That’s insane! I’m sure there must be a tenuous link in there somewhere, but good luck disproving anything. This is nuts!!!


UPDATE: Later, he removed the biblical part, because it reduced the overall credilibity of the tree.