Camping was a resounding success in terms of numbers, with one of our larger camping parties — fourteen people: Clint, Carolyn, Casey D, Christian D, Dan C, Evan G, Gene G, Heather K, Jesse B, Kipp E, Mark I, Melanie B, Nathan G, and Shannon D.It was one of the more staggered arrivals, as some people got there before us, and others did not come til around 9-10PM. Kipp & Casey deliberately left Sheetz before us in order to take the tent-spot that we like; the spot that someone always takes from us each trip. Usually it’s Mark. Shannon & Christian didn’t arrive until most of the day was over, and Heather & Gene barely arrived with any daylight left. Jesse & Melanie and Evan also arrived much later.


Clint tries to scrape the enamel off Carolyn's fingernail -- with a beer cap



My hand-crank radio broke when I tried to crank more siren-sound out of it. What a cheap way to lose out on a $55 purchase. The siren is fucking cool, and everyone has some sort of pathological problem with it that I don’t understand. OMG it sounds like a cop, I guess the cops are really here and beating me. I have never understood people who are hurt by sounds — refer to my earlier comment rant on noise violations. Do these people also hate noisemakers at New Year’s party, cheering at graduations, loud music, and Mark’s white noise machine which he brings camping despite us camping next to a running stream? Inquiring minds want to know. I want to know. It sure as hell wasn’t nails on a chalkboard. And I needed that crank to work, as that was how I navigate to go pee! So instead, I just walked in the dark to pee most of the time. It made things more of an interesting adventure. :)

So, that flashlight broke, my LED flashlight ran out of batteries, and my other flashlights are broken. Then, everyone drank up the gallon of water we brought — going through a good 75% of it while I was asleep. They even used it to WASH stuff, when *I* needed it to DRINK (I drink about a gallon of water a day and am frequently dry-mouthed thirsty). Then I had to actively defend the meager remaining sips of water from multiple people who continued to try to take it. I was done drinking alcohol, didn’t want to get my water from beer, and I wanted to get my water from… water.

So, no light, no water, no lighter for awhile (someone didn’t give it back to me, then broke it, then later I found it on the dround)…. I had to borrow a flashlight (Thanks Gene & Heather!!) just to be able to go to bed and unfold my sleeping bag.

Also, my camping backpack broke when I dismounted it from my shoulder. Very annoying to have everything broken. And it was hell getting it back to the car. I was literally dragging the metal frame in the gravel at points, putting it on top of my head at points, etc. Very painful.

Despite these annoyances, I of course had fun! DUH!

Now I need ALL NEW camping gear. My camping backpack was actually culled together from multiple yardsale camping backpacks (Total cost: $3 + $5 = $8). Now I got nothing. I need a new pack, new flashlights, new radio (if I am ever so inclined), oh and a new water bottle since somebody decided our re-usable bottle was trash. (Trash is carried back to our cars anyway, so I would have much greatly preferred tying it to my pack like I usually do, and still having the bottle).

So I’m totally cleaned out on camping supplies for the first time in many years!


Anwyay, it was confusing as to how many people were actually going to show up. We had around 6 people during most of the daylight hours, but ended up with 14 people. I didn’t notice a lot; I got drunk pretty fast. Carolyn & I got two 40’s of Schlitz malt liquor last time we went camping; this time we got two 40’s each.


That was probably a mistake. We both got trashed. Carolyn especially. Carolyn actually scared me (again), she was so drunk. I was reminded of one of our camping trips last year — the only time I’ve ever seen her drunker than she was this year. “Wake me up when the tent is done!” was the quote of the night. Carolyn decided to just lay down on the dirt in the middle of the circle everyone was sitting in. It was only a matter of time until someone stepped on her teeth and knocked them out, or some other such horrible fate. I tried to rouse her. I tried to get her to go to the tent. She answered in incoherent sentences that did not make sense. One of them was the famous “Wake me up when the tent is done!” quote. Another time she seemed to be claiming that she was already in the tent, but it wasn’t quite clear if that was what she meant.

I apparently passed out in the hammock for awhile. I only “remember” being in it for 10 minutes, but it must have been longer. I also remember getting out of it, and stumbling around almost falling a lot. That was probably 7-8PMish. I did not drink the entire rest of the night, and still failed to ever really sober up.

As is usual, I was technically the last man standing. It was down to Gene & me, and Gene went to bed, so I immediately followed suit.


By the way — Eli’s cooking was sorely missed. A few hot dogs went around. We actually BOUGHT THE S’MORES STUFF, suggested we make s’mores, and somehow ended up with ZERO s’mores. Carolyn – it is ridiculous to get a box of graham crackers and a pack of marshmallows for s’mores, but only to get one candy bar. One candy bar does NOT match up with a whole box of graham crackers and marshmallows. Even I know that! :P




Victory at last!


We woke up the next morning and split the 6-pack of Budweiser we bought. Well, it was a 5-pack because someone bummed one from us. I had 3, Carolyn had 2. The binge continued. I napped in the car ride back, and Carolyn napped that night around 8-9:30PM. I never did catch up on my Google Reader / RSS Subscriptions; not until Tuesday. I hate getting behind.

Anyway, I believe good fun was had by all, though a clearer memory of events is always welcome.


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