Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

It’s official. I now have 1,000 times the harddrive space that I had 10 years ago, when I lost a 4G drive that still hurts my soul deeply to this day due to some of the journals that were forever lost, such as my dreamlog (among others I wont speak of). But anywayYay…4 terabytes! (more…)

Plus, guys get arrested for trying to ride the ponies at Assateague Island (where we just camped) — while naked. And probably drunk. Read on for the links. Seriously though, this new Megatron sucks almost as bad as Kaiser-Permanente. (more…)

Day 3 of repairing our computer setup. (more…)

Seriously — if an employer is offering you a job, and their insurance is run by Kaiser-Permanente — insist on getting extra money. Or just go to another employer. It is NOT worth dealing with their bullshit.

So, my company had a big meeting with PayChex, who is handling our new benefits, effective July 1st, 2007. They gave us a handout stating “HMO plan: $83.07 per paycheck for employee plus spouse”.

When Carolyn quit her job around July 1st, I set paperwork to get her benefits in motion, effective August 1st, 2007.

Now that she is on the benefits successfully, only now am I being told that oops, they got the number in half, it’s really $166.14 per paycheck for employee plus spouse.

Do I have legal options here? I’m guessing no. (more…)