It’s official. I now have 1,000 times the harddrive space that I had 10 years ago, when I lost a 4G drive that still hurts my soul deeply to this day due to some of the journals that were forever lost, such as my dreamlog (among others I wont speak of). But anywayYay…4 terabytes!

Man, editing my environment can be a pain when so many harddrive changes suddenly happened.

Nothing has really changed, hardware-wise… But the newly-moved computer is being molded into doing everything both computers used to do. If I switch it to “monitor and TV do different things instead of same things” mode, I can even pretend I still have two computers!

False hope?

Carolyn put the 3rd sata controller in, and now has a computer with 7 harddrives and an optical drive. E: F: G: H: I: J: K: L: … quite insane. 3 terabytes on one computer.

Total Usable Space: 4,005,130,604,544 3730.1G 3.64T
Total Used Space: 3,248,678,178,816 3025.6G 2.95T
Total Free Space: 756,452,425,728 704.5G 0.69T
Percentage Free (Full): 18.89% (81.11% full)

Re-wrote the playlists with the new driver letter manually using EditPlus search-and-replace (260,000 results, mmmmm) because I didn’t feel like waiting for my index script to run.

Music… back to normal.

Wish it wasn’t so unresponsive at times, though. I really really wish I knew how to stop that.