Seriously — if an employer is offering you a job, and their insurance is run by Kaiser-Permanente — insist on getting extra money. Or just go to another employer. It is NOT worth dealing with their bullshit.

So, my company had a big meeting with PayChex, who is handling our new benefits, effective July 1st, 2007. They gave us a handout stating “HMO plan: $83.07 per paycheck for employee plus spouse”.

When Carolyn quit her job around July 1st, I set paperwork to get her benefits in motion, effective August 1st, 2007.

Now that she is on the benefits successfully, only now am I being told that oops, they got the number in half, it’s really $166.14 per paycheck for employee plus spouse.

Do I have legal options here? I’m guessing no.

So anyway, I am also told that it is for the best that I pay for July benefits ($332.28) so that there is no interruption in coverage, or else even a year later they might deny treating something by claiming it was a pre-existing condition that occurred during the 30 days interruption.

So great… Thinking my next paycheck was going to be docked $83.07, it’s really going to be docked $166.14 + $332.28 = $498.42. And of course, it will be $166.14 less a month than I was expecting.

They just gave me an extra week of vacation per year, so I accrue 4 per year. But if I divide my yearly income into weeks to find out how much a week of time costs — it’s far less than the yearly cost of this extra money I was not properly informed about!


I’m tired of people screaming that American Health care is the best on the planet. We spend several times what Cuba spends, and have a lower life expectancy than Cubans. Capitalism can be a great system, but when it comes to a basic human need that is shared by 100% of people, there is just too much room for exploitative properties.

Had this been a national health care system, there would be no negotiation, no question about rates. Everyone would know exactly how much the service costs. They would not be able to deny you for a pre-existing condition due to an interruption of coverage, because everyone is covered all the time.

Just wait til you get cancer, folks. If you are lucky, your insurance wont find an excuse not to pay. If you aren’t? Have fun dying a slow death while spending your childrens’ inheritance. It’s about money here, not health. (Britons are more healty on average than Americans too..)

This really makes me want to get the fuck out of the country even more than before.