Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

I just saw Carolyn going through a stack of papers.  I thought it was her “filing todo” pile.  As she pages through, she gets to a page that isn’t a page — it’s a frikkin’ PCI card.  Just organized logically as a… page.   Verrrrry interesting.

I WANT MY WINDOWS KEY TO WORK GODDAMNIT… wtf. No, Control-Escape isn’t good enough for me!! It was my meta key for winamp…. I don’t want to use the stupid buttons. I like normal keys, damnit.

Girder sucks, but it’s all I know. I can’t believe that Girder under XP can’t capture the Windows keyboard, but Girder under 2K can. Laziness has prevented me from downgrading XP to 2K, but more and more, I just find more things I hate about XP. Now that my XP machine has become my primary machine… I am half-tempted to re-install windows. But, in the interest of the short-term, I will try to live with this crap. I have for 2.5 years already; just not as my primary computer. (more…)

Okay, we made the decision to move all the music from Carolyn’s computer (called Magic), where it was recovered off its original 120G drive, onto her newest 750G drive. Since Hell is now in charge of playing music now that Storm has died, it makes sense for the music to be on that computer. Otherwise, everytime Carolyn reboots, the music will stop. (more…)

Californians Make Run on Countrywide Bank. My house’s mortgage is through Countrywide. Does this mean I am in danger? Does anyone know? Also: “I GOT MY DAWG” and more. Lesbians? Read on. (more…)