Okay, we made the decision to move all the music from Carolyn’s computer (called Magic), where it was recovered off its original 120G drive, onto her newest 750G drive. Since Hell is now in charge of playing music now that Storm has died, it makes sense for the music to be on that computer. Otherwise, everytime Carolyn reboots, the music will stop.

Of course, Hell is the crappy gateway computer where it’s impossible to get a harddrive out once you put one in. I’ve tried. I’ve hurt myself trying. I’ve been scared of crashing the 790gigs of stuff on there from the impact of trying to hard. I’ve given up, and accepted that Hell will always have 3 drives: 140G, 250G, and 400G. Bleech.

Given that decision, I still need to move my music-drive (120gigs) to Hell. But which drive?

Hell’s 140G is too small to hold it, and is a system drive, plus all my downloads go into that drive, so it’s free space fluctuates wildly.

Hell’s 250G drive has it’s own job — holding the ABOUT-TO-BE-BURNED video data, as well as the ALREADY-BURNED, READY-TO-DELETE rally point. After discs are burned, all the data is dumped to the rally point, Q:\READY-TO-DELETE. The rally point has a script, sort-these.bat, which sort things into folders based on their filename. It has another script, assimilate.bat, which moves things to the proper harddrive, almost always on another computer. Nowadays, if I digest a file, and decide I don’t want to delete it, but want to keep it — I often don’t know where it belongs. With harddrives that include C:, E:, F:, G:, H:, I:, J:, K:, L:, M:, N:, O:, P:, Q:, R:, S:, X:, Y:, and Z:, it can be daunting knowing where something goes. So I will usually just throw a file into Q:\READY-TO-DELETE when I am done digesting it, and let the scripts sort them out.

That leaves only Hell’s 400G as a candidate. It holds the ABOUT-TO-BE-BURNED non-video data, but that is often only a few gigs. But it also holds my comedy repository, a repository of live-action shows that is several hundred gigs, and some other repositories…

So now… We have decided to copy the 400G (R:)’s live-shows repository to Carolyn’s new 750G drive #2. Copy, not move. The harddrive is still waaaaay too young to fully trust.

After the copy is done, I will erase SOME of the redundant data on the 400G drive, making room for the 120G of music-related files to go to it.

Also, the 400G drive is the new backup drive for our pictures repository, and program-installers repository.

It looks like we are no longer backing up files to the last surviving 80-gig drive.

In fact, it looks like we are only using 2 out of 5 of our 120-gig drives (the rest have crashed). One as a system drive, and one for obscure cartoons I’ll probably never watch, including perhaps 8 gigs of Christmas-themed animated specials.

It looks like Carolyn’s computer Mist is damn near ready to be decommissioned. It’s only job nowadays is to house 120G of obscure cartoons. And the 120G drives are about past their lifecycle. After years of being deprecated, Mist will soon have no purpose other than to be a truly spare computer.

Perhaps it should be moved to our bedroom? Or perhaps it’s time for Carolyn to hook up her scanner again, since she has some free time due to not working?

In other news, 750G drive #2 is over 50% full … It was empty Monday. A LOT of data has moved around this week. It’s like musical chairs for files.

Also: Must get the infrared receiver to work so I can do stuff with the remote control (control music, pause videos, turn off monitor, turn on/off Milkdrop). I guess I’m not getting my crystal trackball to work; newer computers HATE serial mice as everyone has moved on to USB. It was always hard to detect under anything past Windows98 (shudder). And I see people claiming XP doesn’t support serial mice, and other people saying it works just fine. Of course the drivers don’t cause the trackball to work. It’s the same style of trackball I’ve been using for about 13 years now, and I really don’t want to have to switch to something else.