WATCH OUT CABLE-MODEM USERS: Comcast Cuts Off Heavy Internet Users. SpeakEasy did something similar to me… They had a pre-sales discussion where they told me I could download as much as I wanted (screenshots of the chat below), 24/7, with no repercussions, then told me if I downloaded more than 100G in a month, I would be terminated. They even tried to use the $300 termination fee against me, as if I would pay that for them terminating the contract. Now, Comcast as at it as well, only this time — you aren’t even told how much you can[‘t] download…. Amazing bullshit. Everyone go to and type in your phone number. You will be pleasantly surprised by the choices you have.
Other stuff too… Read on for the rest, including Bizarre dermatologic lesions. chat - 02 chat - 03 chat - 04 chat - 05 chat - 06 chat - 07 chat - 08 chat - 09