So, at the request of my doctor, I switched medications. I had to wait for my old medication to stop working (a few months), then when problems started, I made my appointment to get new medication. That was about 5 weeks ago. It was over a month wait for a damn specialist appointment. Then, yesterday, they called me to inform me that my “doctor wont be there that day” (they only have one specialist per area?) and that I could get an October appointment. TWO fucking months. NO fucking way. I told them that was unacceptable. They told me they would find an outside referral and call me back. They never did. I emailed my primary doctor and informed her that the system isn’t working; get me back on my old medication, this isn’t worth the hassle. DO NOT USE KAISER BENEFITS. IF YOU ARE AN H.R. REP, THIS IS THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COMPANY.

Also: Don’t use PayChex… And remember: Kaiser was one of the companies that helped convince Nixon to increase the privitization of health care so that more money could be made. Quite simply, it’s cheaper for me NOT to see the doctor then to see the doctor, since my benefits are already paid. They have a capitalist incentive to NOT provide me their services, as this increases their profit. Also? I was told I had to pay for Carolyn’s June benefits ($320), even though she didn’t have any back then.  Why?  I was told they could refuse to treat any problems she has, even a year for now, citing a “pre-existing condition” (which occurred between June 1-30).  I re-iterate that Carolyn was not on the plan until August 1st,and that was only after they made me fax in my marriage certificate, and made our H.R. person fax things in THREE TIMES.   (They don’t even notice their faxes until 10 days later sometimes.)

It’s real nice how capitalism causes big corporations to lobby congress to allow laws like this pre-existing condition bullshit to exist; laws which can only be used against the people to increase corporate profits.

I’m sorry, but in other countries, you can see a fucking doctor without a 2 month wait. And a 30-day discontinuity in coverage CAN’T be used against you a year later, because EVEYRONE IS COVERED ALL THE TIME.

In France, you’ll get house calls on a weekend even if you are a non-citizen.

We have the technology, but we have no financial incentive to DELIVER it to the people.

If our doctors have a 10% better success rate at curing conditions compared to other doctors, but we have 15% of people with no coverage — that is not better. That is worse. That is better for the rich, worse for the poor, and worse for everyone collectively.

But our doctors aren’t 10% better.  Fucking CUBANS live longer than Americans, and they spend 1/26th.

Capitalism can breed waste.  It’s the best system for free markets, but health care is not a traditional market, nor is it free.  I can’t just go to a different doctor tomororow because I didn’t like my doctor today.   Nor can I choose my own health care provider without paying $>600 a month (vs $0 a month I pay when provided via my employer) (but $320/month for Carolyn to be on my plan).