August 2007

Californians Make Run on Countrywide Bank. My house’s mortgage is through Countrywide. Does this mean I am in danger? Does anyone know? Also: “I GOT MY DAWG” and more. Lesbians? Read on. (more…)

It’s official. I now have 1,000 times the harddrive space that I had 10 years ago, when I lost a 4G drive that still hurts my soul deeply to this day due to some of the journals that were forever lost, such as my dreamlog (among others I wont speak of). But anywayYay…4 terabytes! (more…)

Plus, guys get arrested for trying to ride the ponies at Assateague Island (where we just camped) — while naked. And probably drunk. Read on for the links. Seriously though, this new Megatron sucks almost as bad as Kaiser-Permanente. (more…)

Day 3 of repairing our computer setup. (more…)

Seriously — if an employer is offering you a job, and their insurance is run by Kaiser-Permanente — insist on getting extra money. Or just go to another employer. It is NOT worth dealing with their bullshit.

So, my company had a big meeting with PayChex, who is handling our new benefits, effective July 1st, 2007. They gave us a handout stating “HMO plan: $83.07 per paycheck for employee plus spouse”.

When Carolyn quit her job around July 1st, I set paperwork to get her benefits in motion, effective August 1st, 2007.

Now that she is on the benefits successfully, only now am I being told that oops, they got the number in half, it’s really $166.14 per paycheck for employee plus spouse.

Do I have legal options here? I’m guessing no. (more…)

Dead computer. No way to watch what I want to watch, listen to what I want to listen to, or do what I want to do. But we have a spare computer in the kitchen. What next? (Please read on, this is serious stuff!:)) (more…)

So, my primary computer (named Storm) died Monday morning at around 5:30AM, while Carolyn & I were asleep downstairs on the couches. This is the most significant non-data-destroying hardware failure of my life, in terms of personal impact.

This machine is how we listen to music (used 24 hours, since Carolyn currently isn’t working), how we watch all our video entertainment (we have dvds and vhs to fall back on, but haven’t used them in several years), and in general the most important piece of hardware in the house.

In hindsight, I never should have upgraded the CPU. Greg Z, you followed in my footsteps: Beware.

My case generally ran at a temperature of 160 degrees, but this was within the defined fault tolerances for my CPU. Anyway, here’s some of the crap I’ve had to deal with since it broke… Geek warning… (more…)

Also: Janeane Garofalo joins 24 cast. Read on for my thoughts.

So, I’ve been an ordained minister of the Church Of The Subgenius for quite some time. Check out their Wikipedia page. Anyway, some people who go to parties at our place have probably seen the SubGenius Arise video on some of my screens. I just wanted to share the 5-minute intro to that video with the world (I own it on VHS and DVD). So, here it is:

26 karaoke bars sued by ASCAP – ZOMB KARAOKE IS PIRATING! Yes, people can catch HIV though oral sex. Ron Paul is not the answer. Texas Prepares to Execute Man for Driving a Car Near Scene of Murder. (more…)

Me and co-worker Kate had this idea at Pam’s party Saturday.  There needs to be a way to take a whole bag of LaffyTaffy, boil it to a liquod, and insert alcohol into it.  There must be a way. We need alcoholic Laffy Taffy, damnit!  If anyone has any ideas, please submit them here.

No. Gun ownership has little to do with violence. Canada has a MUCH higher level of per capita gun ownership than America, yet yes less violent crime and gun-related murders.

UK has a MUCH MUCH MUCH **lower** level of per capita gun ownership yet violent crime there is still 50% the level here!  It’s not proportionate.

Prohibition of anything doesn’t work.

You can’t get pot?
You can’t get alcohol?
You can’t get whores?
You can’t gamble?
You can’t get a gun?

Bullshit. no matter what the laws are, anybody anywhere in the world can get opt, alcohol, a whore, a gun, and gamble — probably within 24 hours.

Quit wearing your hearts on your sleeves and think with your head.  (Read on for the rest of my rant.) (more…)

Okay, this time it’s really happened.  Our *main* computer has died, and it looks like it’s the motherboard.  Meanwhile, tons of data is completely inaccessible as we lack space to move harddrives to either of our three remaining computers.  Perhaps one or both 120G drives can be dumped to our 2nd 750G drive, but the two 500G drives are probably going to be immobilized for awhile now.  Now I really need to get my ass in gear and buy a new computer.  It needs, hopefully: SATA-II support for 6 harddrives, ATI videocard with s-video and DVI/HDTV out, non-Creative soundcard with optical digital out, and enough PCI slots for my video capture card and FM transmitter card.  I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS NOW.

Police fuck-up a 22-year-old protestor’s leg. Cop stabs spouse; $750 fine. Read on for the other stories mentioned in the headline. (more…)

    Chinas Tallest Building (steel-framed) Catches Fire and Does Not Collapse.  Steel structured buildings don’t collapse due to fire. They never have (unless you count WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7, which mysteriously collapsed despite not even being hit by a plane).  Things are not what they seem; who knows what they really are… (more…)

    Today I got interviewed by an ex-cop, FBI person, about a co-worker. I also got to be photographed as “how NOT to dress if you are a [insertgovtagencyhere] worker”. Click more for the picture. (more…)

    The news I post every day digusts me. Today is no different. The bear getting tasered is kind of funny, though. Getting arrested for wearing a Bush shirt or photographing a cop? NOT funny. And again, FUCK THE SCIENTOLOGIST CULT and ALL HAIL XENU. Keith Hanson is now going to jail, essentially for criticizing the scientology cult. L. Ron Hubbard was a douchebag. Read on for more…. (more…)

      HELP! What color should we paint our upstairs room? Go here and leave a comment about some of these colors!  Prosecutor To Refile Charges Against Man For Possession Of His Own Medication — After Higher Court Reverses Conviction and 25-Year Sentence.  Violent Femmes are suing each other!!!! And more… (more…)

      An ironically interesting video has been making its way around the net, in which Vice President Dick Cheney makes the case against going into Baghdad in the wake of the first Gulf War. In a 1994 interview on CNN, Cheney noted, “If we’d gone on to Baghdad we would have been all alone…it would have been a U.S. occupation of Iraq. …Once you got to Iraq and took it over, took out Saddam Hussein’s government, then what are you going to put into its place? … It’s a quagmire if you go that far…”

      We know why Cheney didn’t listen to any of the cautionary voices in the intelligence community in the run-up to war. What we didn’t know is he had been one of them.

      So, yesterday I technically got to be a paid actor.  Since I had to play a character to shoot some “scratch” video for work (video to be replaced with real actors lator).  Very different than my usual day.  And today?  Recording audio.  Gilf on the mic; lotsa cooledit.  Weird.

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