August 2007

I will so be there.

I’m not expecting a definitive answer from anyone, but does anyone have case suggestions?  I have decided against going to a recycle center to get a case, after being reminded of all the problems we had with Carolyn’s used ($4) case. Darn, it was a good idea (Sorry Compn!).  I need something that can house 6 harddrives and 2 optical drives.  A little bling wouldn’t hurt either.

WATCH OUT CABLE-MODEM USERS: Comcast Cuts Off Heavy Internet Users. SpeakEasy did something similar to me… They had a pre-sales discussion where they told me I could download as much as I wanted (screenshots of the chat below), 24/7, with no repercussions, then told me if I downloaded more than 100G in a month, I would be terminated. They even tried to use the $300 termination fee against me, as if I would pay that for them terminating the contract. Now, Comcast as at it as well, only this time — you aren’t even told how much you can[‘t] download…. Amazing bullshit. Everyone go to and type in your phone number. You will be pleasantly surprised by the choices you have.
Other stuff too… Read on for the rest, including Bizarre dermatologic lesions. (more…)

Those files have been moving on and off since Thursday. Heh heh. Anyway… I might just go against what all my previous decisions have been based on and just build a computer from scratch myself. I’m starting to realize that the effort of compromise is far more painful than the effort of doing it yourself. This is true in areas other than the computer as well. Many areas. Maybe it would have been easier to just upgrade my old computer.. But.. I need a case that can physically contain all my stuff; the other wasn’t cutting it. I’m eyeing the Abit IP35 motherboard, which has optical digital audio out (7.1) on the damn motherboard, as well as two ethernet ports, 6 internal & 2 external SATA harddrive connectors. And probably an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU. Yawn.

RoboCop: Coming Soon to a City Near You. IRAQ whistleblowers facing incredible consequences. (more…)

    Joggers drop flour to mark route; charged with felony; “decontamination” ensues; paranoid fucks.  Disable Windows Key via registry. (more…)

      It’s the weekend and I’m getting nothing done!
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