September 2007

So, Verizon tried to not let any pro-life text messages go through, but backed down once we all noticed. Corporate censorship is real, and text-messages are not even “protected” (via “common carrier status”) in the same way as normal speech. They only voluntarily stopped censoring, so that they can reserve the power to do so later. This is evil.
Also: he’s only 17. (That’s a Winger reference). (more…)

Busy day full of bad news. Corporate censorship by Verizon. Cop fined just $400 for shooting at people in an off-duty road rage. But if you cough on an officer, expect to go to jail. More stuff below. Please make sure to read about the [black] student getting her wrist broken by the [white] security guard, after he made her go back and clean up her cake she spilled. It’s the last link. Please read it. This shit makes me nuts. (more…)

So, it’s been fun having a kitten who actually rules a lot. (read on) (more…)

So, I got really tired of all my Christian acquaintances sending out religious MySpace bulletins. I don’t want freakin’ prayers and bulletins informing me that, GASP, Christ died 2000 years ago, and only 3% of people are going to repost the bulliten. (Are you?)
So, today, just now, I sent the following troll bulletin out on my MySpace. Let’s see how they react. If a Christian reacts that I shouldn’t send such stuff, I’ll reply, “Well now you know how *I* feel!” and likely delete them from my friends list. This shit is tiring, especially when it’s 5 bulletins in a row.
So anyway, here’s what I wrote: (more…)

    No shit, Bush! Refuse breathylizer if you’re a pedestrian! Cop fined $25 for killing 4-year-old. Also included: Links to official sites for Danzig, Agent Orange, and an unofficial site of all the Looney Toons cartoon noises… (more…)

    We physically have tickets for: MC Chris, Agent Orange, They Might Be Giants.
    Tickets ordered, but not received yet: Ween, Danzig (performing all Misfits songs), King Diamond/Kreator, Bad Religion.
    Tickets that need ordering because they are not on sale yet: Sabbat (2o yr reunion!), Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie.
    Also going to the Mid-Atlantic SubGenius devival in Baltimore on Nov 10th (includes live music).

      Yup.  $ A (more…)

        28-hour party people?   Sabbat at JaxxiPhone update destroys legally unlocked iPhonesSex treats hangovers. (more…)

        Cops get censorship power over all internet in Australia.  FUCKED UP BAD!!!
        Gitmo.  Go to jail for a year after being found innocentHello Kitty! (more…)

        Had another weird dream last night, and I hardly EVER dream. Remember that time Glen got in trouble with the police at the Chocolate Festival when that crazy mother got mad that he said ‘hi’ to her underage daughter? My dream was kind of like that, emotionally.  (Read on for the dream.) (more…)

        I’m really getting tired of my apostrophe key not working correctly.  Apostrophe should NOT put me into the control-f find field. It should just put out an apostrophe.  How many computers are going to do this to me? After it happens, I have to go to another app, type an apostrophe, then go back to firefox, at which point typing an apostrophe will show an apostrophe, instead of putting me into the search dialog.  Multiple computers & operating systems & locales involved. . .

          And a bunch of religious idiocy.  Religion slowed the adaptation of the lightning rod, causing thousands to die unnecessary?!? (more…)

          Carpe Diem (click that!!!). Cops get off too easy. I wish I was a cop; then I could pistol-whip people, go home, and have a beer.
          Got hearing? Got Milk? Got Habeas Corpus?
          Don’t tase me, bro’!! Good editorial.
          By the way — I can’t wait for the Ween concert!!! Danzig too. And maybe Bad Religion??
          I’ve seen 7 out of 10 of “The 10 Best Animated Movies For (Traumatizing) Kids“. What, no “Sailor Moon & The 7 Balls“?!?!?
          This blog linked to once again in local news, as Fairfax Commonworth Attorney Republican candidate Patrick McDadestrongly believes” the Steve Cornejo murder case (shot by a disinvited party guest of mine who started a fight) should be reviewed. Looks like I’m voting Republican?!?! (more…)

          Might I recommend a radio show? The SubGenius Hour of Slack. I think it just might be the weirdest radio show I’ve ever listened to (that’s a trick answer). An hour of insanity, coming out at a semi-regular intervals. This has been going on for 20+ years. Strange talk (60%?), media barrages/cut-ups (15%), strange songs (10%) … This show will really make anyone listening to it go “WTF”. Good for work.
          Also: Bush Nominates 911 “Zionist” Judge as Attorney General. Boys, ages 9&11 may end up on sex offender registry for life. Taser girl. Taser guy. Just don’t tase me, bro’. (more…)

          It has come to my attention that I like font humor.  I already coined “seriffic” and “sans-seriffic”.  And now I just commented, “Isn’t Silent Lucidia a Queensryche song?”  I also stole Angel‘s comic sans serif joke… “Comic sans serif walks into a bar. The bartender says, ‘We don’t serve your type here.'”   That sent the girls out of my office.

 It’s so hard to buy receivers. They last longer than computers and some televisions. Their prices, however, vary much more than either computers or TVs.  This link is one I am considering, but I really have no clue how to find what I want.  The criteria I am looking for is here.
          1) Am I missing any criteria?
          2) Why shouldn’t I get the unit above?  (Price is not an issue until we get past $1,000…)

          I wish I remembered them.  All I remember is that last night in my dreams, Carolyn flashed her boobies at a totally inappropriate time (I think both our parents were right there, watching), and I had to stop her and talk some sense into her.  Two nights ago, I was just dreaming I was in a club or something, then I suddenly realized the group of people I was talking to / hanging round included the female singer from KMFDM.  Weird.  And me telling my office-mate Mark this made him remember that he met Tom York of Radiohead in a dream as well.  Meanwhile, another coworkers is totally trashed, woke up with puke on her, a neighbor in her bed, another neighbor returning her wallet to her, didn’t shower, came here, doesn’t have her apartment keys, and keeps asking me she got here.  She is very confused.

          6 Volt Battery Hack! Jews. Twin Peaks!!!! Courtney Love at her most intelligent ever! Blackwater, Dyncorp/Halliburton = evil. Wish I didn’t have to take this seriously. Excellent taser article — videos included (schizocripple tased to death).


          Trent Reznor Says “Steal My Music”.  (I will.)  The Top 20 Most Bizarre Experiments of All Time (an amazing read).  Big Brother(more…)

            Gum & goons.  Read on for descriptions. (more…)

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