Friday, September 28th, 2007

Busy day full of bad news. Corporate censorship by Verizon. Cop fined just $400 for shooting at people in an off-duty road rage. But if you cough on an officer, expect to go to jail. More stuff below. Please make sure to read about the [black] student getting her wrist broken by the [white] security guard, after he made her go back and clean up her cake she spilled. It’s the last link. Please read it. This shit makes me nuts. (more…)

So, it’s been fun having a kitten who actually rules a lot. (read on) (more…)

So, I got really tired of all my Christian acquaintances sending out religious MySpace bulletins. I don’t want freakin’ prayers and bulletins informing me that, GASP, Christ died 2000 years ago, and only 3% of people are going to repost the bulliten. (Are you?)
So, today, just now, I sent the following troll bulletin out on my MySpace. Let’s see how they react. If a Christian reacts that I shouldn’t send such stuff, I’ll reply, “Well now you know how *I* feel!” and likely delete them from my friends list. This shit is tiring, especially when it’s 5 bulletins in a row.
So anyway, here’s what I wrote: (more…)