Monday, October 8th, 2007

I got greedy.  Why’d I get greedy?  I didn’t want to split my 750G drive into a 136G & 614G partition.  I wanted it as 1 drive.  Why’d I get greedy?  What if I had needed to re-install?  Windows would not be able to recognize a 750G.  I should have left it as is. But noooo…. I got greedy, as usual.  Now the drive has been through enough partition voodoo that Windows cannot correctly identify its size (do I want to format an 80G or 16G partition? or an 850G one? on a 750G drive?  No, no thank you).  I thought fdisk.exe usually gets me out of these situations (and it took us a good hour to get to have a bootable win98 disk with fdisk.exe, and format.exe on it, due to various complications, including the fact that only 1 out of 3 floppy drives is apparently working well enough to “burn” a floppy, and of course the average floppy is bad too) . So anyway… fdisk.exe is pretty useless with SATA-only drives.  Win2K can’t recognize anything accurate at all (I’d settle for going back in time to the 136G C: my new Win2k install was working on this morning).  And I can’t format the drive with DOS tools.  I’m off to Seagate’s website to look for something that would basically be a modern day bootable CD with format.exe and fdisk.exe, but newer equivalents that work with newer hardware.   Sigh…   That TV needs to come out of the box, dammit.

    Also: nutcase swat team cop kills six 17-20yos at a party, manhunt ensues, cop shot dead by other cops.  … And remember “The Anarchists’ Cookbook”? Now kids are going to jail for having it.  WTF?!?!?!  This whole planet sucks.  Beam me up Scotty… there’s no sign of intelligent life here. (more…)