Bad Religion & MC Chris. Two great shows. Reviews & setlists below.

I enjoyed the MC Chris show more, because I knew almost all of the songs. Even though I’ve been listening to Bad Religion for some 15 years, and MC Chris for only 1 year, I simply know more MC Chris songs. They are catchy.

Bad Religion‘s songs mostly sound the same, PLUS they have 10+ albums, so it makes it very hard to “prepare” for a concert. Listening to all Bad Religion for many days before the show never seems to work. With MC Chris, I threw in 3 albums (40 songs or so) into a mix of 1100 songs, and knew every song within a few months.

The Bad Religion show marked a NEW FIRST: First time I’ve seen a song featured in “Guitar Hero” performed live by the band that originally performed it. The song was “Infected“, it is from Guitar Hero 1, and I spent most of the day hoping they would play it that night. (I should note that “Police Truck”, by Dead Kennedys, is on Guitar Hero 1 or 2, and I’ve seen that song covered by Agent Orange live.)

I was wondering: If you end up with a song in Guitar Hero, does that mean you have to close with the song for the rest of your life? Because arguably more people would be familiar with your Guitar Hero song than anything else, since the game is way more popular than most of the bands in it… Curious.

Anyway: To download the Bad Religion show, click your format: FLAC or MP3. This link was posted on the Bad Religion Podcast page (“episode” #23) and does not constitute piracy on my part. I’m just linking to what seems to be an official posting of soundboard-recorded audio.

As for the MC Chris show Short opening (for Pinback) set — It all seemed to be over so fast!

He talked about the girls who he didn’t get to score with (including a Playboy model), among other things. Some guy was wearing the T-qualizer — MY shirt WHY didn’t I think of it?! He got to go on stage and stand there being an equalizer during a song! That would have kicked ass!

Then, the guy in Pinback had my George Bush as a vampire biting the neck of the Statue Of Liberty shirt! It was Night Of Clint’s Shirts. Damn I should have worn the t-qualizer!

Also: He worked “Du Hast Mich” by Rammstein into one of the songs. Very brief, but this is THE SECOND TIME I’ve seen someone live who made fun of that specific song. (Voltaire does.)

Besides S.O.D. making fun of Type O Negative when they played on the same night in D.C., this is the only example of one artist in concert making fun of another artist I’ve been to in concert. And now it’s happened twice.

For a list of all the shows I’ve ever been to, click HERE. Here are the (known) track lists for these 2 shows:


  1. Fuck Armageddon
  2. Supersonic
  3. Social Suicide
  4. Requiem
  5. Modern Man
  6. Generator
  7. New Dark Ages
  8. 21st Century Digital Boy
  9. You
  10. Conquer the World
  11. 52 Seconds
  12. Heroes and Martyrs
  13. Skyscraper
  14. Dearly Beloved
  15. Lookin’ In
  16. No Control
  17. Recipe for Hate
  18. Come Join Us
  19. Suffer
  20. The Defense
  21. Anasthesia
  22. Generator (Slow Version)
  23. God Song
  24. Sorrow
  25. American Jesus
  26. Gonna Die
  27. ENCORE: Infected (this song is in Guitar Hero 1)

MC CHRIS setlist:

  • The Tussin’ (Robotussin)
  • Evergreen
  • White Kids Love Hip Hop
  • Geek
  • Robot Dog (according to Carolyn)
  • Hijack
  • Tractor Beam
  • I Want Candy (some)
  • Fette’s Vette
  • at least 2 songs we didn’t recognize
  • 20071007 - MC Chris ticket stub (he's not on the ticket though, 'cause he opened for Pinback)