November 2007

So as I move around in the house (resituation upstiars), a lot of ad-hoc EVERYTHING (furniture, lights, hardware) had to be setup, and sometimes re-setup .. just re-adapting, day by day.  This is an email I wrote to my dad about my setting up of stereos. (more…)

Ween 2008 tour plans. Fuck the drug war, no matter what your level of fanatacism [Thailand!]. Fuck Islam.! Fuck YouTube/Google! Fuck Yahoo! Fuck GM [and China]! Don’t fuck kids! (more…)

Every year, Carolyn & I post a list of what we watched. This year, I have broken it into sections. Read on to see what MOVIES we watched in 2006. (Sorry about the extended delay.) Also make sure to check out our list of 2006 viewing coincidences.

This is a time consuming post to read, but I’d like people to comment on them if possible and willing.

*** AWARDS: ***

BEST ACTION: The Island, RUNNER-UP: Transporter 2
BEST DRAMA: Clint: Oldboy, Carolyn: Wild At Heart (we watched what, 2-3 dramas? everything else falls in other categories: action,sci-fi,horror)
BEST COMEDY: 40-Year Old Virgin, Grandma’s Boy
BEST SCI-FI: Serenity (Firefly movie) (runner-up: Cube 2: HyperCube)
MOST DEPRESSING: Gummo? (loved by Clint, hated by Carolyn)
MOST DISTURBING/TWISTED: Hostel. RUNNER-UP: Saw 2. (Gummo was disturbing, but socially, not violently; The Island was as well, but in a sci-fi fascist kind of way; Oldboy too.)
WORST MOVIE: Clint says: Bourne Identity. Also: Coffee & Cigarettes.
REMAKE OF A TV SHOW, BEST: Aeon Flux (Serenity doesn’t count; it’s not a remake)
CLONE MOVIE, WORST: Multiplicity
MOST DISSONANCE BETWEEN CLINT & CAROLYN: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Gummo – Clint liked both, Carolyn hated both.
MOST BULLSHIT MOMENT: Transporter 2, de-fusing a bomb on the bottom of his car by jumping on a ramp and twisting into a hook on a crane that just happened to be there. Like you can control how and when your car twists with that kind of accuracy?!?! (last year‘s was from The Day After Tomorrow) (more…)

    They also tend to have low IQs, are 3X more likely to be left-handed, and are often short. Watch out for short, stupid, left-handed people. (more…)

      OMGWMATAWTF.   GWAAAAAART (flickr).    Gitmo tetimonyRobert Restaino is a douchebag. (more…)

      I just airzooka’ed the ceiling fan lightbulbs (to dust them), and after a few times in rapid succession, something flaming fell out. Oops.

        D.C. has the highest AIDS rate among U.S. cities. Injured veterans being told to payback their incentive money because they didn’t finish their tour. No constitutional right against unreasonable search for poor people on welfare (I thought our rights were fucking inalienable? Now you have to fucking buy them!). Don’t shit where you eat, my friend. (I just saw Ween.) Articles below. (more…)

        hadesSo, the new computer is coming along nicely. The FM transmitter is installed. Two computers are now able to play music, meaning a lot of scripting. Most of my main programs are now installed, and I have a sense of which programs I’ll need next time. The computer has now taken over every function from the old computer, except for burning, downloading, and backing up some files. Which is what the old computer was originally purchased to do! (Basically, when Storm died, Hell had to pick up Storm’s duties. Now that Hades is fully deployed, it has taken those same duties, which can now be handled by both computers.) Warning: severe geeking out ensuing. (more…)

        This is some scary shit. They are developing a flying drone that can remotely fire Taser stun rounds on criminal suspects or rioting crowds (see end of article) — just wait for protesters to be randomly tased regardless of guilt of a crime. Meanwhile, a Taser representative says that it’s “not real pain” and that it’s no big deal. Gee, no conflict of interest here, huh? (more…)

        If you have a degree in Instructional Design, please contact me. I may have a job for you.

        WOW: Larry Carlson. Tasers. (more…)

          Cop assaults woman, but gets away with itbecause he’s a cop; Arrested, charged, and convicted — he will ultimately end up with no criminal record. Cops are dicks because they are allowed to be, which is very obviously true in Virginia as well; cop broke the law and killed someone, but wont even be charged — because he’s a cop. And I love the double-think on sirens. Sirens were originally to stop the conflict between the burglar and the occupant by scaring him away sooner. But if a cop gets in trouble for breaking the law for not using his siren? Suddenly now, sirens create hostage situations! I call shenanigans. Either way, you better be careful, because even bumping a cop can result in you having to spend 6 weeks on a repirator with your open stomache exposed. They can also tase you for hanging out at Denny’s too long. At least, if you don’t show your id. (Recall that showing ID upon notice is not American, not American law, and is part of the “Papers please” example of fascistic culture.) And of course if the guys after being tasered, the taser will never be written down as the cause of death, because Taser International will sue a coroner who puts tasers down as a cause of death. So when the police taser someone to death, and then turn around and say “statistics show there are 0 taser deaths” — please be aware that is bullshit. Corporate-purchased doublethink.
          P.S. Today, the French are stupid. (more…)

          Cell-phones just got worse. Arrests for sex crimes falling. (more…)

          Do conservatives still tout that tasers are only used in place of deadly force, and that everyone being tased should be thankful that they weren’t shot? (more…)

          So, I have played Rock Band (Thanks Chris!), and it is awesome. It’s like a summation of all the efforts made in Frequency, Amplitude, Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero — plus drums. If you’ve played all of the above games, no review is necessary. It’s exactly what you’d imagine. But with square notes. Very narrow square notes. You have to be more spot-on with your rhythm, compared to previous games. The drums are 4 drums + a single “bass drum pedal”. They are quite hard; I was only getting 70-80% in Medium, the 2nd of 4 difficulties.

          Anyway, I really enjoyed playing The PixiesWave Of Mutilation. This was like.. the best game ever :) Maybe not, but damn fun with 4 people! (more…)

          DailyKos editor (and possibly commenters) sent threatening legal notice from Taser International — trying to censor the use of “Taser deaths” in headlines.  Cool phonecall recorder. (more…)

          So far, we get nothing. Is this frequency in use in the area?  According to Radio Locator… this is a good frequency to use that’s not in use. I just want to double-check that I am not interfering with anybody.

          As previously announced in April, Tim & Eric‘s Awesome Show Great Job has been renewed for *30* new episodes. The first 10 were absolutely some of the most amazingly mind-blowing, psychedelic, tripped-out, weird, absurd, and sometimes purposefully bad television episodes that I have ever watched. Think: Wonder Showzen (possibly the greatest show ever), minus puppets & children, plus public access television & creepy people. Anyway, The Onion AV club just posted an excellent interview with Tim & Eric. It answers a lot of questions people who watch the show might ask. In part of their quest for the absurd, and desire to satirize our culture, they made fake Shrek 3 promos. Of course the copylords had them removed, even though parody is fair use! You can read about the Shrek 3 promos HERE and HERE. Also: They have a live internet-only show, which can be watched (as reruns) HERE. If anyone can find these promos, or the late-nite show (as files, not links) please contact me. And now — some YouTube clips from the show. These will not last and will eventually be taken down. I suggest not watching sober. Read on for the clips…At least watch the Child Clown Outlet “commercial”: (more…)

          A non-toxic, non-psychoactive compound in marijuana may block the progress of metastatic breast cancer, according to a new study by researchers in California. Slashdot discussion HERE with many insightful comments, especially THIS ONE.

          Also: Cannabis compound reduces skin allergies in mice [], cannabis compound slows lung cancer in mice [], cannabis extract shrinks brain tumours [], Cannabis can help MS sufferers [], Cannabis can protect the brain from damage from stroke [].  “Have you ever stopped breast cancer from metastasizing…on weed???”

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