Clint with Lance Armstrong on ESPN2 19960506 - 1 of 4Just sayin’. Pictures, video & backstory included.

Preface: I am 100% unaware of sports and sporting events. I had only heard of the tour de france and had no clue what it was or what anything done in america was, or that this was even happening.

The day: May 6th, 1996. (Siegmund Freud’s birthday!) My final exam for my final class during my 4th year at Virginia Tech. I’ll never have to go back into a building again. I finish exam. Go outside. “Why are all these people here?”

Logic ensues: “This must be a sporting event. Thus, someone must win. Thus, there are probably cameras to film the winner. It looks like it’s almost over. I’ll go hang around the finish line and try to get on TV.”

Clint with Lance Armstrong on ESPN2 19960506 - 3 of 4I succeed!: The logic worked, and I manage to get in front of the camera, raise my eyebrows once, and check out some girl to my left (“stage right”), all on TV.

Preserving my success: I walked home to Carolyn & my apartment, turned on m VCR/TV. One of my rules was the VCR *always* has to have a blank tape in it, ready to record. I flipped channels, looking for this bike race thing. Found it. Hit record. I was luck it was on a 30-minute delay. Now I had it on VHS.

…(to the left: raised eyebrows picture)

The 21st century: In 2001, when unemployed, I converted a LOT of vhs to AVI files. So at this point, I had AVIs of this happening, and they were temporarily posted on my home page at some point.

Clint with Lance Armstrong on ESPN2 19960506 - 4 of 4Web 2.0: Along came “web 2.0” sites like Flickr, and I used VirtualDub to convert the AVIs into JPG sequences. I uploaded the JPGs to flickr on 1/22/2006. It took until 11/2007 to bother writing up the experience. More than 10 years have passed since it actually happened.

Is this one of the definitions of procrastination?

Clint with Lance Armstrong on ESPN2 19960506 - 2 of 4

And here is the video, finally uploaded 7/2008: