Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Went to Amazon to find DRM-free mp3s of Freezepop: Future Future Perfect, since I don’t want to support iTunes.  Their selection sucked, since they didn’t even carry that album.  But I did see a remix of “Tracy Gold” from a compilation album, and decided to get that 1 song ($99c) to try it out.  Amazon remembered my credit card and address, download was simple and quick, and I’m pleased to find out it’s a VBR-encoded mp3, and that the cover art is incorporated into the mp3.  Looks like I got the latest version of Winamp just in time, as my previous computer’s winamp would not even have let me be aware of the fact that the cover art was incorporated into the mp3 file.  Nice.  What’s not nice is knowing Freezepop will only receive 6 to 9 cents, and that I am giving more money to non-like-minded people than to like-minded people.

This amount of data is accessible by all 4 of our computers:

Total Usable Space: 4,957,271,334,912   4616.8G   4.51T
Total Used   Space: 3,718,299,086,848   3462.9G   3.38T
Total Free   Space: 1,238,972,248,064   1153.9G   1.13T
Percentage Free (Full): 24.99% (75.01% full)

Make sure to check out the Washington D.C. City Paper article entitled A Murderer Among Us, by Dave McKenna. The article links to this blog because it relates to personal events. Specifically, it relates to a shooting (victim’s MySpace here), as well as to unfortunate events that occurred at a party in my house and created many permanent social schisms among many people.

Blueweeds blog’s article about this builds upon Dave McKenna’s article, and includes more interesting comments. Actually, Blueweeds has been covering this issue for quite some time — better and more thorough coverage than The City Paper, which has only had a few articles. Interesting facts abound at Blueweeds — such as the fact that 2 original witnesses were allegedly not even interviewed because they spoke Spanish! Lazy cops! (Blueweeds is a Falls Church, VA, news blog.)

Anyway, I strongly encourage Fairfax County residents to vote for Patrick McDade this coming election Tuesday. He has managed to get his opponent Ray Morrogh to acknowledge that he is actively reviewing the grand jury charging decision. As for Patrick McDade — he plans to re-open the investigation himself if elected.

To quote BlueWeeds, “Everyone involved has asked only for a complete investigation, a rational charging decision to be made, and some communication about the status to the community torn apart by the events of that night two years ago. No more, no less”.

Also: Was it just a coincidence that my mailbox got bashed for the first time ever when I put the McDade campaign sign on it? And the 3 other times the signs was knocked down? (more…)

Video of cop beating handcuffed teen14 ultimately tasered for cussing — Won’t someone please think of the children?  Oh wait.  Prepare to have your boners measured by a machine, and if you get hard, you stay in jail.  Martin Sheen questions 911. (more…)