981. That’s a new record. Read on for why, and some pictures of the SubGenius Baltimore Devival.

My last record-breaking page-view day was, I believe, when I announced the 4 leaked episodes of “24” that came out 6 weeks before the season started. Yesterday, my links of the day got 147 views, but they mentioned 24 AND the SubGenius devival that just happened. 24 is wayyyyyy more popular than the Church Of The SubGenius. Yet, SubGenius is probably not covered as much as 24, so my post is rarer.

Of course, the real twist is: In the post that was viewed 147 times yesterday — I mentioned both 24 being cancelled AND the SubGenius devival, so… Perhaps the traffic boon came from the 24-fanboys and not the SubGenii. Or some combination thereof. I dunno. That’s a technical disadvantage of having “mixed” posts.

Anyway, the Devival pics put up are not that good, but here are some: [1] [2].

And here’s a couple of mine, which will someday be posted on flickr HERE. These are FULL FULL size pics so you can right-click and view-full and even, say, read what’s written on the flyers.

But first, here’s a pic of the monthly stats for this blog (yes, I’m jumping between 2 topics):







There’s no prob with ‘Bob’!


Later he went on to molest my crotch with the balloon alien.



I think this “preacher” was a last-minute addition to the lineup.


The theramin was awesome. The masks were creepy. The fake TV was unique.


Founder Rev. Ivan Stang

More SubGenii schwag.






Good times.

Read Carolyn’s recount of the SubGenius devival HERE. (You’ll have to scroll down past the wedding stuff… Congrats Stacy & Louise!)

And here are yesterday’s stats, for shits-n-giggles:


Title Views
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