Cop assaults woman, but gets away with itbecause he’s a cop; Arrested, charged, and convicted — he will ultimately end up with no criminal record. Cops are dicks because they are allowed to be, which is very obviously true in Virginia as well; cop broke the law and killed someone, but wont even be charged — because he’s a cop. And I love the double-think on sirens. Sirens were originally to stop the conflict between the burglar and the occupant by scaring him away sooner. But if a cop gets in trouble for breaking the law for not using his siren? Suddenly now, sirens create hostage situations! I call shenanigans. Either way, you better be careful, because even bumping a cop can result in you having to spend 6 weeks on a repirator with your open stomache exposed. They can also tase you for hanging out at Denny’s too long. At least, if you don’t show your id. (Recall that showing ID upon notice is not American, not American law, and is part of the “Papers please” example of fascistic culture.) And of course if the guys after being tasered, the taser will never be written down as the cause of death, because Taser International will sue a coroner who puts tasers down as a cause of death. So when the police taser someone to death, and then turn around and say “statistics show there are 0 taser deaths” — please be aware that is bullshit. Corporate-purchased doublethink.
    P.S. Today, the French are stupid. (more…)